Thursday, 27 August 2009

Veggie Bar & Manchester Lane

Zig Zag

I went to Manchester lane last night.

It's my 2nd time to visit there :)

There're always different bands in the Manchester lane (it's a bar by the way).

Today's band was Zig Zag.

My friend likes the band and knows about them very well.

I didn't know about the band, but I liked it when I heard their songs.

The combination of guitar, double base and violin (sometimes viola) was so good Y

Live music is goooooood. I love live music.

I wondered...

How it feels like to play there on the stage :)

I like playing music but I like listening it too (especially with a drink)Y

Before going to the Manchester lane, we went to Veggie bar for dinner.

My friend is (usually) a vegetarian. (I saw him eating meat once).

Vigge bar is one of my favorite vegetarian restaurant Y

But I hadn't been there since June so I was excited.

I love the risotto there like crazy!!

So when I go to Veggie bar, I almost always order risotto.

But today, i wanted to try something new

so I ordered...

A Mexican dish.

dish on the right

chilli sauce+ sour cream+ avocado sauce?

It was very good Y

But I still thik that the risotto is the best :p


  1. Dear Tomo,

    Did you remember the first time we went to bar and try to buy some drink in the city with you, Mieko, and Myoung-jin? Because all of you were too young to enter the bar, we couldn't excaly visit bar. Afterward, we bought the drinks and went to China town restaurant, where was our favorite one, and had a wonderful supper together. haha~~~very funny, right?
    Finally, you can go anywhere that you want. However, please still look out around when you visit bar. Be safety is most important thing.

  2. Hi Sophie!!

    Thank you for your comment :)

    Yeahhhh, I do remember that! :D haha

    But we were actually old enough to go into a bar at that time, it's just that we looked too young and we didn't bring our ID!! haha

    I still need to show my ID to go into a bar sometimes...:(
    Last night was ok though! :)

    Asian girls always look very young :p