Monday, 4 June 2012

Franc Franc in Vivo city, Singapore

Franc Franc  has just opened in Singapore!
The first one was opened in Jurong, and the second one which has just opened, and is supposed to be the world biggest branch, was opened in Vivo city at Harbour front!

When I heard about this opening from my friend who used to work in Franc Franc in Japan,
I knew I had to go! So I went to check it out with my friend over the weekend!

Yes, the shop was huge! This is where Page One used to be...
The shop was spacious, everything looked so stylish, so cute, so nice...
My friend and I had to constantly say "Kawaii! " from the moment when we stepped into the shop and till we came out of the shop. I think when you are overseas, you appreciate Japanese things much more than the time when you are in Japan... I had never bought a thing from Franc Franc when I was in Japan, but I just couldn't help myself here in Singapore.

I wanted everything in the shop, literally everything... but obviously I can't. So  I bought 2 nice bowls and I already used them today for dinner :) I LOVE THEM!

After that we had lunch at Shin Kushiya. I ordered tempura zaru soba.
Tempura was very crispy! Yum!
My friend ordered Ginger chicken don ? or something like that.
Unexpectedly, there was some wasabi inside and it was too spicy that she couldn't eat it :(
I recommend not to order this if you can't take spicy/ wasabi flavour,
Their service and everything else was good :)

We continued shopping in Vivo city and I found Starbucks selling my favourite seasonal drink, strawberry frappechino!!! - I had to buy it.
It goes without saying, it was yum!!

For dinner, we ate Kaisen (seafood soup) ramen at Hokkaido ramen, Aoba.
It was my first time trying Kaisen soup ramen. It was not bad.
But I still prefer shio ramen from Santoka, that is my favourite ramen :)

Great weekend!
Monday- back to work!

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