Sunday, 17 June 2012

Saturday lunch out at Hard Rock Cafe

Since I made this very good Japanese friend in Singapore,
I meet up with her almost every weekend. :D
We have so much in common that when we are together, time flies very fast!
We both love shopping at the same shops, watching the same kind of movies, handcrafting, sewing...
and the most importantly,

we love food!!

This saturday, we went to check out Hard Rock Cafe.

My friend had been here before and she liked it a lot so she wanted to take me here.
She told me that this place was a great place to escape from the city crowd and relax!
Indeed, the cafe is very spacious and there were not many people even on the weekend lunch time.
This is awesome because we don't have to rush our lunch.
We can sit back and relax, enjoy the saturday afternoon with some mucic.

We ordered 2 dishes to share. I ordered the above sandwiches. It was yummy!
This food portion reminded me of Melbourne... no, this is even bigger than that...

My friend's favourite.
It was HUGE.

After lunch and doing some shopping in the city, we ended up in Somerset.

We were still full from the huge lunch at Hard Rock Cafe,
but decided to eat something small for dinner.
At food republic upstairs, we both had yong tau foo.

Yong tau foo 3 days in a row!

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