Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Worst Japanese Restaurant Ever : Nijyu Maru at Cuppage Plaza, Singapore

The restaurant was empty, or rather, “not crowded” as this word, “empty” made the shop owner mad.

There were lots of vacant tables there, so I picked a 4 seater table.
Then LadyA came and said, “This is for 4 person. Sit there.”
She pointed at this small table at the very corner of the restaurant.

I said, “Well, the shop is empty, why can’t we sit at the bigger table?”
The lady said” We are doing business here! Can not sit here, sit there!”

Ok, firstly I must clearly state here that she was not Japanese, of course. Japanese will never speak to customers like this. This is very rude.

I found it upsetting, but we (2 of us) seated at the small table at the corner.
Then, a couple came into the restaurant. They also tried to sit at 4 seater table, but LadyB came out and told them that they can’t.
“This is for 4, so please sit there.”
The lady pointed at even smaller table at the other corner of the shop.

Everything was ok, until another couple came in.

When they came in, they were told to sit at the counter seats because there were no more small tables. Then, the couple asked LadyC if they can sit at the 4 seater table.
LadyC said, "Ok."

Instantly, I asked the ladyC, “How come they can sit there, but we can't?”
She said, “For this seat, you can sit but must leave within 1 hour because there are booked by other customers. “
I said, “The other lady didn’t tell me that. We can finish our meal within 1 hour, so can we move there too now?”

The ladyC went to check with other ladies and came back to me and said,
“Sorry, customers are coming soon, so can not.”

We were not satisfied with this answer, but decided to continue with our meals on the small table.

Then, ladyA came back and asked, “You don’t wanna eat in this table?”
I answered, “Well, because it’s small.”
“Small?! What?! Small?!”

I said, “Yes? It is small right?”

Then, she shouted, “You don’t have to eat anymore! Just go! Leave now!”

and suddenly, she started clearing our dishes.

Me: “What?!”

LadyA: “Go now! I am doing business here! We are lending this table! Go! Leave!”

Me: “What kind of attitude is this? This is a Japanese shop, you can’t treat customers like this?”

Lady A “Leave now!”

Me: “Don’t point at me! You are so rude and crazy! You leave”!

Lady A: “I am the owner ! This is my shop! You leave leave leave leave!”
Then she spilt soya sauce on my dress.

I shouted, “You spilt sauce on my dress! You! Pay for the cleaning!”

Lady A: “Ok! Send me the bill! Then I will pay! I will not run away! Nijyumaru is here! You give me your address and bills! then I will pay!”

Me: “What? Give you my address? You pay now!”

Lady A: “Then take off your clothes now!”

Me: “What?! In public? In the shop?!”

Lady A: “Yes!”

Me: “You are crazy!!!”

Lady A: “You told me to pay now, then take off now!”

Oh my god. I had never experienced something like this before.
I asked her to write me a paper to promise that she will pay for my cleaning.
But she refused. She doesn’t want to promise anything or leave any evidence.
She is CRAZY and such a liar. And it is disgraceful that she is running a Japanese restaurant.

I hope the shop closes down!!! I really do, from the bottom of my heart.