Friday, 8 April 2011

REVE hair - the best Japanese beauty salon ever in Melbourne!

I had a hair cut at REVE hair today.

I finally found my favourite salon in Melbourne

After living here for 5 years....finally...

This salon is so good. Really good

Previously, I had several traumatic experiences with Asian salons in Melb.

The worst one was that the stylist burnt my head while parming...

Oh no my hair!!

After sequential bad expereinces,

I was really scared of going to Melb salons...

But today,

my traumatic expereinces were rewrote

with a very happy expereince

REVE Hair!!!

The people were nice and their service was good!

I asked for Yukimi san.

She is really really good

Very friendly, helpful and talented

Are you thinking of having a hair cut?

You should definetely go to REVE hair.

REVE Hair website English

REVE Hair website Japanese


  1. I had several Hair melbourne
    traumatic experiences with Asian salons in Melb.The worst one was that the stylist Melbourne hair

    burnt my head while parming

  2. I had exactly the same experience at a salon called "Tokyo".
    I think it is on Russel street.
    Despite the name "Tokyo", the salon is nothing to do with Japanese...
    They burnt my head while I was having digital perm...
    When I complained to them, they just laughed and gave me a candy...

  3. which one did you go?
    near victoria market?