Monday, 31 August 2009

Supper ☆ pork& glass noodle soup

Last day of August!!

I had 4 meals today.
breakfast... lunch...dinner (before the orchestra rehearsal)... and supper (after the rehearsal).

I'm still feeling hungry....

When I'm stressed, I tend to eat a lot.
and I miss home.

But I just called my family and charged my energy! :)

I'm very sleepy but I gotta finish up my assignment!

Today's supper

I made similar soup before "salmon flakes soup". I arranged the soup to be suitable for supper.

I made dumplings last night and I had some pork left.
So I used the extra pork in the soup.
I'll upload dumpling recipe tomoroow.


*glass noodle 80g
*Japanese soup stock 1 package

*remained dumpling pork= mixture of....
-pork 30g
-chicken soup 1 table spoon
-onion 1/2 (cut into small pieces)
-soya sauce 1/2 tea spoon

1. heat up a pot with water and the soup stock.
2. once it boiled, add the rest of the ingredients. Cook for few mins.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Curry Udon lunch

I have an assignment due on friday.
So I was working on it today.

Meanwhile, I watched a Japanese DVD "Orange days" :)
It is quite an old TV drama... I watched it on TV about 6 years ago?
I was still in Japan at that time.

I only have few Japanese DVDs here in Melbourne, so I always watch the same DVD over and over again... :p
Orange days is one of them.
I still enjoy watching it, even though I watched it so many times before...

I also cleaned my house with my housemate.
It is our routine to clean the house once a week.
I hate cleaning though, it is a good routine to have!

Today's lunch

Curry Udon

When I cook curry, I eat it with rice for dinner, bread for breakfast and Udon for lunch :)

Curry goes well with everything.

I often survive by just eating curry during the very busy weeks of uni.

*dry curry

1. cook Udon.
2. add some boiling water to dry curry. stir well and heat it up.
3. pour the curry on Udon.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Friend's 21st

My friend's 21st birthday today Y

Yesterday was my another friend (in Japan) 's birthday Y

Anyway, I went to a Turkish restaurant on Sydney Rd. for birthday lunch today.
We had great food! and some weird desserts...

I woke up late this morning so I missed my breakfast...
and I had such a big lunch today + a birthday cake in the afternoon so I was too full to have dinner tonight.

But it's sad to miss 2 meals in a day!
I only had lunch today... I felt wasted.

so, I had some stew + bread for dinner(very late dinner around 10pm).

I love stew, it's especially nice to eat in cold winter.

It warms up my body Y

(there's no special recipe for the stew. you gotta buy a Japanese stew box and follow the instructions behind the box!)

Friday, 28 August 2009

rafutei 豚の角煮 

Today's dinner Y rafutei (豚の角煮) rice

Rafutei is traditionally an Okinawan dish. :)
I cooked this dish for my friend's birthday and also for my housewarming party last time.

My friends all love this dish and so do I Y

pork turns rearlly really soft. it melts in your mouth.


pork belly 300g
soya sauce 1cup
mirin 2 table spoons
vinegar 1 table spoon
ginger 2 slices

1. cut the pork belly into the pieces which you think are easy to eat.

2. put the pork in a pot, pour water in, till the water just covers up the pork and cook them till the water boils. (strong fire)

3. Once the water is boiled, leave the pork in the pot but get rid of all the water.

4. newly add 1 cup of water in the pot with the pork inside and the rest of the sauce ingredients. cook them with medium fire till the sauce boils.

5. once the sauce is boiled, put an aluminium foil lid in side of the pot.

like this

6. cook the pork till it absorbs most of the sauce (20-30 mins). Stir sometimes, be careful not too burn it.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Veggie Bar & Manchester Lane

Zig Zag

I went to Manchester lane last night.

It's my 2nd time to visit there :)

There're always different bands in the Manchester lane (it's a bar by the way).

Today's band was Zig Zag.

My friend likes the band and knows about them very well.

I didn't know about the band, but I liked it when I heard their songs.

The combination of guitar, double base and violin (sometimes viola) was so good Y

Live music is goooooood. I love live music.

I wondered...

How it feels like to play there on the stage :)

I like playing music but I like listening it too (especially with a drink)Y

Before going to the Manchester lane, we went to Veggie bar for dinner.

My friend is (usually) a vegetarian. (I saw him eating meat once).

Vigge bar is one of my favorite vegetarian restaurant Y

But I hadn't been there since June so I was excited.

I love the risotto there like crazy!!

So when I go to Veggie bar, I almost always order risotto.

But today, i wanted to try something new

so I ordered...

A Mexican dish.

dish on the right

chilli sauce+ sour cream+ avocado sauce?

It was very good Y

But I still thik that the risotto is the best :p

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

omelet rice/ オムライス 

Today's lunch
Omlet rice Y serves 2


*bacon 4 slices

*onion 1/2

*tomato ketchup 4 -6 table spoons

*white rice 1 +1/2 cups

*chicken soup stock 1 tea spoon


*egg 2


Rice(strong fire!)

1. cut the bacons and onion into small pieces. heat up a pan with more oil than usual and cook them.

2. add the rice

3. add the ketcup and soup stock, then pepper. (rice is done!)

1. heat up a pan with some oil. pour the stirred egg. (medium fire)

**you can either use a big pan, pour all the stirred eggs and split the egg once it's cooked to serve 2 people.

**or, you can use a small pan and cook 2 eggs one by one.

2. stop the fire before the egg is completely cooked.
3. put the egg on the rice and cover it up.

*In general, people use chicken to cook the omlet rice but I prefer bacons Y

Add some more ketchup on the top and eat itY yum yum

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

peanut cream pork recipe

Today's dinner

*peanut cream pork

*fried veggie

*fresh tomatoes

*white rice with a pickled plum

*sea weed (nori) soup

My previous housemate used to cook chicken with peanut sauce.

Whenever she cooked her chicken, I deetected the nice smell even from my room Y

I remember the taste of her chicken, but I don't know how she cooked it.

Ah I miss her... and her cooking!!

So, Today, I wanted to cook pork with similar sauce.

Hmmm, it tasted different though,
was it because my sauce was different from hers or
I used pork in stead of chicken?

well, I will try again Y


*pork 200g

*peanut cream 2 table spoons
*soya sauce 2 table spoons
*mirin 1 table spoon
*sugar 1 tea spoon
*ginger 1 tea spoon


1. mix all the sauce ingredients. put them in a microwave.
2. put the pork in the sauce. leave it for a while.
3. heat up a pan with some sesame oil, cook the pork.

Monday, 24 August 2009

EMS deal ☆ dinner at a pub

As usual, I had an orchestra rehearsal tonight

I just came home~!!

We practice every monday from 6pm to 8pm and head to a pub after that.

Even though the pub is very near to the Uni (where we practice) and also to my house, I hardly go there because I always have morning class on tuesday : (

I can't wake up if I go to the pub because I come home late and sleep lateeeee.

Well, but tonight, I went to the pub

I ate chicken parma Y
Grilled? fried? chicken + tomato sauce+ cheese on the top Y comes with chips and salad.

It was very very huge!!

So I shared with my friend.

It was very very good!!!

But it had high calories....

Until today, I didn't know that I could get a chicken parma + a drink for only $12!!
It was an EMS (our music club) special deal Y I didn't know that !

That's very cheap!!

I paied around $20 for chicken parma+ a drink last time!

I feel like going to the pub more often from now on... :p

Sunday, 23 August 2009

My first footy game☆

Go! Aussie!

Collingwood VS Sydney !!!

I reached there early, so there weren't many people in the stadium when I took this picture.
But soon, the stadium became full!!!

It was a nice whether!!! (but very windy)

Free Collingwood banner :)

(Why pies? I don't know)

My friends and I supported Collingwood because.... we live in Melbourne, not in Sydney :)

We didn't know anyone in the Collingwood team,

but we don't know any footy players anyway.

I didn't even know the footy rules.

My friends didn know the rules either.

But the game was fun, so it doesn't matter :)

And it was our first attempt to watch footy anyway Y

We wanted to enjoy the atmosphere, so we dressed up in black and white (the Collingwood's team colour).

The game started!!

The game ended.

Collingwood Won!!!!

Whenever I go and watch a live game (soccer, baseball etc), the team I support always lose.

So it's actually my first time to see the team I supported won!!!


Dinner was Free chicken again Y

My housemate's friend (who brought my housemate big big chicken on last thursday?) seems to have a "chicken day" not only on thursday but on sunday as well

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Corn soup recipe

When I was small, I didn't like canned corns.

But I always loved corn soup.

Corn soup recipe serves 4


*2 cups of water

*1 konsome

*1 onion

*butter 1 tea spoon

*canned corn

*flour 1 tea spoon

*1 cup of milk

*salt and pepper


1. chop the onions into thin slices. heat up a pod and cook the onion with the butter.

2. Once the colour of the onion turned brownish, add the flour.

3. add the water and Konsome, leave the pod with a lid on for 10 mins with medium fire.

4. take out the scum, add the corn, milk and stir well.

5. finish off with some salt and papper :)

Today, I went to the State Library to study!
I'm almost finishing the book "Darwin's origin of spieces: A biography" by Janet Browne.

As I went through her book, I started to like Darwin more! !

Friday, 21 August 2009

Potato salad recipe

Today's brunch Y

*hamburger steak sandwich
*potato salad
*fresh tomatoes
*milo Y

Potato salad recipe serves 4


*Potatoes 3

*onion (small)1

*cucumber 1/2

*mayonase 3 table spoons

*soya sauce 2 tea spoons

*a pinch of salt

*a bit of papper


1. cut the cucumber into thin slices, onions into small pieces. Put them into a bowl with salted water (1 tea spoon sault + 1 cup of water) leave them for a while.

2. peel the potato skin, cut each of them roughly into 4. Boil them till the potatoes get soft enough to smash. (don't wait too long because potatoes might get squashed while they'are still in the boiling water). 3.

3. take the potatoes out of the water and smash them in a bowl. take the cucumbers and the onions out of the water and mix them with the smashed potatoes.

4. add all the sauce ingredients, leave them in the fridge untill the salad becomes cold.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Shopping in docksland

I only had one morning lecture today, so I went to docklands for shopping with my housemate and her friend after lunch :) :)

It's probably 3rd time for me to visit dockland.

I always see an ad on TV about the shopping outlet there, but I'd never been the outlet until today. So I was very excited!

And... that was the begining of the Crazy Shopping...

I finally found my favorite BOOTS YYY

I bought other things too.

one of the shop assistant said,

"your shopping bag looks like the one in Sex and the City."

yes, it was huge.

After the shopping, we went to the Indian restaurant "classic curry" again!

I ordered butter chicken again YYYY

super super yummmmmy!!!

and the mango lassi as well YY

My housemate & her friend said they had never tried Indian food before.


That's sad!!

So I took them there :)

They both loved it!!
Especially the housemate's friend.

I'm happy

After we came home, I learned some Chinese from them.
It's hard but quite fun!!

My housemate can speak Japanese, so if i can speak Chinese, it's gonna be fun !!

I should study my own uni stuff soon too...

but It was a nice day :)

capsicum&bacon tomato ketchup pasta/ ナポリタンrecipe

Today's lunch Y Red, Green capsicum & bacon pasta

I woke up late this morning!! (as usual)

I somehow made it for the lecture in time though,

I forgot to bring my pen.....!!!

I asked a person sitting behind me if he has an extra pen, but he was using a laptop to take notes, so he didn't have any : (

So today, I concentrated hard on listening to the lecture, rather than taking notes.

It worked actually!

It's because..sometimes, I concentrate too much on writing down things and am not paying enough attention on the lecture itself.

So, that was good ! :)

Ketchup pasta recipe serves 2


*red capsicum 1/2

*green capsicum 1/2

*bacon 4 slices

*tomato ketchup 2-3 table spoon

*pasta 200g

*garlic tea spoon1


1. boil the pasta. chop the capsicums and bacon into small pieces.

2. heat up a pan with some oil and the garlic. cook the capsicums and the beacon.

3. add the cooked pasta and tomato ketchup, stir well.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

beef dry curry recipe

Today's dinner

*beef dry curry

*white rice

*veggie stir fry

*chinese cabbage miso soup

A beef dish again :)

I don't usually buy beef because I prefer pork!

But since I've got a lot of beef from the camp auction, I cooked dry curry with beef.

According to my Japanese calender, today is a "bad luck day"
(仏滅ぶつめつ=the day Buddha dies? but he dies almost everyweek according to the calender...).

But I had a very good day :) :)

The weather was beautiful !

My classmate helped me with my reading for the tutorial!

I like people in my darwinism tutorial a lot Y

Also, my housemate gave me some very nice cookie and cream ice cream just now !!

So I don't think this religious word on my calender works.... :p

(By the way, most of the Japanese calender comes with this religious messages! I didn't intentionally buy some religious calender!!)

hmmm the picture doesn't look that nice

Beef dry curry recipe serves 4

*Minced beef 250g


*Japanese Curry Block 2

*water 1/2 cup

*garlic 1 tea spoon


1. heat up a pan with some oil and the garlic. cook the beef, then onion. Stir well

2. Once they are cooked, add the water and the curry blocks. Stir well while smashing the curry block!

Done Y

It's also nice if you add carrots! (And it looks better too)

Tuesday lecture

I made it for my morning lecture today!!

It's actually my first time to attend the tuesday lecture.....aww

I always miss this lecture because...

I always feel so tired on tuesday morning,

and there will be lecture recordings online...(so technically I don't miss out anything)

and this is the only class I have on tuesday...

So I always sleep in..

But this morning, I thought

"I must stop being soooo lazy!!"


and I woke up :D

and I went to the lecture :) :)

But I went into a wrong lecture theatre.


There was a female lecturer standing in front of the screen.
(my lecture is a male)

I thought

"Never mind, she must be a guest lecturer or something...."

But then!

the lecturer started to speak in some other language.... (French? not English for sure!!)

That's when I realized that I was in a wrong class!!!! :O

Well, this happend all because I had been skipping the tuesday lecture!! X(

Bad, bad!

I won't miss my tuesday lecture from now on!!

Japanese style pasta

Today's lunch Y

Tuna & Egg & Sea weed pasta !!

(One of the pasta I cooked yesterday)




This Japanese style pasta doesn't use cream.
So it's always healthy and you don't feel tired of eating! :)

Also, this pasta taste good even when it's cold!
So you can bring it to school as lunch too!!

Japanese pasta serves 2


*pasta 200g

*canned tuna1

*egg 2

*soya sauce 2-3 table spoons

*sea weed (nori) 1 piece

*garlic 1 tea spoon


1. boil the pasta

2. heat up a pan with some oil and garlic. cook the egg and tuna.

3. add the cooked pasta and soya sauce. stir well.

4. stop the fire, add the seaweed, stir well.


Whenever I cook pasta, I love to boil a lot of pasta and make 2 different pasta sauces. Pasta is so handy for lunch but if you cook too much of the same pasta sauce, you get sick of it.
So, it's better when you cook pasta, just boil a lot of pasta, split them into two, mix them with 2 different kinds of pasta sauces!

Monday, 17 August 2009

New Japanese friend


Ah weekends always finish so fast!

I feel like I'm on holiday already.... after all the fun I had at the camp...

This morning, my alarm rang and so I woke up.

But I was wondering...

"why did the alarm ring?... isn't it sunday?"



It's Monday!!!

and I had a morning lecture today.

luckily, I didn't miss my lecture!
I skipped my breakfast to make it for the lecture though... :(

And then...

In the afternoon, I cooked a lot!! :)

I finished all the food before I left for the camp and so I had to cook something...

All I had was the hamburger steaks from last nigh..

So I started to cook some random stuff...

*2 different kinds of pasta

*beef pizza

*veggie roasts

*miso soup

*veggie stir fry

very random...

and I realized that nowadays... I don't really cook Japanese food....

Anyway, it took me about... 1 hour and half to cook them.

I was satisfied!!!

But I realized that...

I forgot to cook rice again!!!!!!!!


I LOVE rice.

I NEED rice.

I definetely have to cook rice tomorrow for sure!!!!!!!!

I had an early dinner today because it's monday and I had an orchestra rehearsal at night!

My lips are so dry and I couldn't play well today.... :(
and my conductor picked on me!!!!!

Oh well, that's ok, because....

I have a new Japanese friend in orchestra now!!!

:) :) :)

Today, a new girl who plays oboe joined our orchestra!!

And she is Japanese!!

I haven't spoken Japanese for so long....

She is on exchange, so she is leaving at the end of the year...... :(

But still, it's so good to have someone from your country around!

Since..... there are not many international students in the EMS music club.
and I was the only Japanese in the club.

I'm happy :)

Today's recipe is in the post below

pizza and veggie roasts recipes

Today's dinner YY


Veggie roasts

yum yum yum....

Pizza recipe

***I didn't use a pizza bread***


*lebanese bread 1

*tomato sauce 3-4 table spoons

*red capsicum (big one) 1/2

*green capsicum (big one) 1/2

*mushrooms 4

*tomato 1

*some minced beef

*cheese 3 table spoons

1. place the lebanese bread on the oven tray. spread the tomato sauce equally on the bread.

2. put all the veggies and meat. (you don't need to follow the ingredients here, just put whatever left in the fridge, or your favorite veggies)

3. put the cheese on the top.

4 cook in the oven for 15-20 mins (200℃)

Veggie roasts recipe


*red camsicums 1

*mushrooms 4


*herbs (oregano, thyme, basil 3 table spoons each).

*olive oil 3 table spoons

(if you have 2 trays or more, you can cook the pizza and veggie roast at the same time! or even semi-dried tomatoes as well!)


1. wash the veggies, cut them into pieces. place them on an oven tray coverd with some aluminium foil.

2. sprinkle herbs on veggies. (1 table spoon each for each type of vegetable)

3. sprinkle olive oil on veggies (1 table spoon each for each type vegetable)

4. cook them in the oven for 15-30 mins (200℃)

***you have to take out wedges ealier than other veggies!!! if not, wedges will get too hard!!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The EMS music camp!

I came back from the music camp today!

This is where we stayed ↑↑

Only the first day was sunny!

the last day was raining!

and it was always windy.....

The camping place was quite far from Melbourne.

It's very close to Ballarat!!

It's about 2 hour drive by car from city.

and 5-6 hours of cycling! (Some people actually came by bicycle!!)

I have no bicycles, no energy to cycle for 6 hours... so I got a lift from other people.

The scenery was beautiful☆

everywhere was tree, tree, tree, grass, grass, grass

and many cute sheep and cows YYY
(we talked about catching one for dinner...)

That's what I love about the countryside YY

We had a lot of productive practice + good food + fun games!

BBQ Y hamburger steaks for lunch!

Among the many fun games we played, I loved the "finish your food as fast as you can" game the most.

We play this game whenever there are too much leftovers.

2 people from each team must participate in the game and whichever team finishes up the food fast can win!!

Consequently, No food wastage!!

Actually, I was very nervous to join the camp because I didn't know many people at the camp.

It's my second camp and when I joined my first camp, I made some friends, but they had left the music club already!! :( :(

Well, I loved the camp!!!! :) :)

and I'm happy that I could make it to the camp!
(I was too busy with my assignments last semester)

The food was good!!
(We had breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and deseart!! 5-6 meals a day?! I ate so much!!)

People were very nice!!
(They are kind... I got to know new people and also got to know them better Y)

I did practice more music and I have indeed, improved!!!

And it was a nice refreshment for me because I was pretty much stuck and stressed about my study.

I was badly homesick before I joined the camp, but I feel so much better now !! :) :) :)

I'm so tired and sleepy thoughhhhhhhhhhhh.....
I'm not used to sleeping in a sleeping bag + it was so cold and I couldn't sleep well.


I was quite full when I came home, but I had to eat something!!
(because later on, I'll definetely be hungry!)

So i cooked hamburger steaks!!!!!!!!

... even though I just had one at the camp today..... haha

It's ok.

meat gives you energy.

(so that someday i can cycle to the camp!)

and it's sooooo easy to cook.
you just need to use a microwave oven!

↓recipe is in the post below.

super easy hamburger steaks recipe

I got them for only $1. 50!!!

... from the auction at the music camp YY

At the end of the camp, there is always an AUCTION for leftovers (food, drinks, etc).

NO wastage of food and drinks!!!

What I won... YY
*2L of milk
*14 eggs
*minced beef X3 packages!! (1500g??)

I'm happy YYYYY

Today's dinner...

*Hamburger steak

*Potato salad

*Fresh tomatos

*Corn soup

*Wite rice

....Well, this is actually not today's dinner.

This is the dinner which I had about a week ago... haha

Today, I forgot to cook rice + not that hungry because of all the food I ate at the camp.

So I only had a hamburger steaks for dinner ..... :p

But I did cook hamburg steaks today!

It's so easy and tasty... so I cook them often nowadays....

Hamburger steak recipe serves 4


*minced beef 500g

*onion 1/2 (or onion flakes1 table spoon)

*garlic 1 tea spoon

*bread crumb 1 table spoon

*milk 1 tea spoon

*Basil 1 tea spoon

1. mix all the ingredients above. put them in a microwabale tray.

2. cook in the microwave for 5-10 mins (depends on the type of the oven)

Cut them into 4 to serve.

Add tomato sauce + cheese and eat them!

Friday, 14 August 2009

mushroom and cheese risotto

Today's lunchY

Risotto recipe serves 2


*mushrooms 50g
*cheese 2 table spoons
*konsome 1 cube
*garlic 1 tea spoon
*rice 2 cups
*water 1/3 cup


1. cut the mushrooms into small pieces. Heat up a pan with some oil+ garlic and fry the mashrooms.
2. add the rice, water and konsome (smash the konsome while stiring).

3 add the cheese and stir well.

I'm going for a music camp tonight!

I have to pack....

But I hate to do packing!!

I bought a new sleeping bag for the camp the other day.

and last night, I opened it up just to check if everything is ok.

and then,

now i can't put it back to the bag anymore!!


Now, i have to put my brand NEW sleeping bag into a big trash bag to carry...


Even though the trash bag is a BRAND NEW and in fact, very CLEAN, it's kind of sad! :(

Looks very ugly too..

Oh well!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

avocado sandwich& roasted carrots

My housemate brought back a very BIG chicken!!
She got it from her friend who runs a vegetable shop.

According to her, every thursday is her friend's "chicken day" and he buys a big chicken for himself and also for her sometimes...


My housemate used to go and buy vegetables from his shop and that's how they became friends with each other♪

And and, my housemate shared some of her chicken with me :) :)

Happy YY

The chicken was soooo good!!!
so tender...Y

I was excited and forgot to take a picture of the chicken though..... ah... not again.

So I had her chicken for dinner today :)

I had the avocado sandwich & roasted carrots (picture above) after I came back from shopping today (around 5? ) so i was very full just eating this tasty chicken!!

I wanted to buy new boots today because all my boots are spoilt...

I always go back to Japan for Uni's summer break (November to febuary)and it's always winter when I'm in Japan.

Also, June to August is winter in Australia... so, I'm always doing winter (7 months in a year) since I came to study in Melbourne!

No wonder my boots spoil so fast.... !!

I thought I could find some nice pairs of boots with cheap price (because there are some sales going on now) but I couldn't find my size anymore.. all sold out!!!

:( :(

I gotta wait till I go back to Japan to get new pairs of boots!


Going back to the topic of food,

I LOVE AVOCADO veryyyyy much nowadays YYYY

This morning, I had avocado+ soya sauce+ pickled plum with rice and this afternoon, I had this avocado sandwich YY

I had never cooked avocado before so I didn't know how easy and tasty avocado could be!!
I love the texture too!!

(I ate abocado focaccia sandwichs before in some cafe in melbourne and I loved them though!)

And the carrots roast......YY

I hated carrots before.

I hated all the veggies before (except for potatoes, onions and eggplants).

But after my friend took me to one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Melbourne, I started to LOVE vegetables!!!

Veggies are actually very tasty.... haha

And "roasted veggies" was one of my favorite dishes I had at the vegetarian restaurant.

Inside of the restaurant was very dark... so i wasn't sure what was inside and how it was cooked...but I tasted carrots, potatoes, eggplants in some herb sauce!

So I decided to cook one by myself :)

Avocado sandwich recipe serves 2

*avocado 1
*canned tuna 1/2
*soya sauce 1 tea spoon

*cheese 2 slices
*bread 4 slices
*butter 1 tea spoon

1. take out the seed of the avocado. Scoop out the inside (get rid of the skin) and smash it with a spoon.
2. mix the avocado, canned tuna and soya sauce and stir them well.
3. toast your bread and put the butter on.
4. put the avocado paste and half melting cheese in between the bread.

roasted carrots serves 2
*carrot 1
*herbs (any herbs you like)
1/2 each
*olive oil 1 table spoon

1. cut the carrot into small pieces, place them on a tray coverd by alyminium foil.
2. pour the herbs and the olive oil.
3 heat up an oven to 180℃. Roast them for 30-40 mins.