Sunday, 23 August 2009

My first footy game☆

Go! Aussie!

Collingwood VS Sydney !!!

I reached there early, so there weren't many people in the stadium when I took this picture.
But soon, the stadium became full!!!

It was a nice whether!!! (but very windy)

Free Collingwood banner :)

(Why pies? I don't know)

My friends and I supported Collingwood because.... we live in Melbourne, not in Sydney :)

We didn't know anyone in the Collingwood team,

but we don't know any footy players anyway.

I didn't even know the footy rules.

My friends didn know the rules either.

But the game was fun, so it doesn't matter :)

And it was our first attempt to watch footy anyway Y

We wanted to enjoy the atmosphere, so we dressed up in black and white (the Collingwood's team colour).

The game started!!

The game ended.

Collingwood Won!!!!

Whenever I go and watch a live game (soccer, baseball etc), the team I support always lose.

So it's actually my first time to see the team I supported won!!!


Dinner was Free chicken again Y

My housemate's friend (who brought my housemate big big chicken on last thursday?) seems to have a "chicken day" not only on thursday but on sunday as well

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