Wednesday, 26 August 2009

omelet rice/ オムライス 

Today's lunch
Omlet rice Y serves 2


*bacon 4 slices

*onion 1/2

*tomato ketchup 4 -6 table spoons

*white rice 1 +1/2 cups

*chicken soup stock 1 tea spoon


*egg 2


Rice(strong fire!)

1. cut the bacons and onion into small pieces. heat up a pan with more oil than usual and cook them.

2. add the rice

3. add the ketcup and soup stock, then pepper. (rice is done!)

1. heat up a pan with some oil. pour the stirred egg. (medium fire)

**you can either use a big pan, pour all the stirred eggs and split the egg once it's cooked to serve 2 people.

**or, you can use a small pan and cook 2 eggs one by one.

2. stop the fire before the egg is completely cooked.
3. put the egg on the rice and cover it up.

*In general, people use chicken to cook the omlet rice but I prefer bacons Y

Add some more ketchup on the top and eat itY yum yum

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