Saturday, 29 August 2009

Friend's 21st

My friend's 21st birthday today Y

Yesterday was my another friend (in Japan) 's birthday Y

Anyway, I went to a Turkish restaurant on Sydney Rd. for birthday lunch today.
We had great food! and some weird desserts...

I woke up late this morning so I missed my breakfast...
and I had such a big lunch today + a birthday cake in the afternoon so I was too full to have dinner tonight.

But it's sad to miss 2 meals in a day!
I only had lunch today... I felt wasted.

so, I had some stew + bread for dinner(very late dinner around 10pm).

I love stew, it's especially nice to eat in cold winter.

It warms up my body Y

(there's no special recipe for the stew. you gotta buy a Japanese stew box and follow the instructions behind the box!)

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