Monday, 24 August 2009

EMS deal ☆ dinner at a pub

As usual, I had an orchestra rehearsal tonight

I just came home~!!

We practice every monday from 6pm to 8pm and head to a pub after that.

Even though the pub is very near to the Uni (where we practice) and also to my house, I hardly go there because I always have morning class on tuesday : (

I can't wake up if I go to the pub because I come home late and sleep lateeeee.

Well, but tonight, I went to the pub

I ate chicken parma Y
Grilled? fried? chicken + tomato sauce+ cheese on the top Y comes with chips and salad.

It was very very huge!!

So I shared with my friend.

It was very very good!!!

But it had high calories....

Until today, I didn't know that I could get a chicken parma + a drink for only $12!!
It was an EMS (our music club) special deal Y I didn't know that !

That's very cheap!!

I paied around $20 for chicken parma+ a drink last time!

I feel like going to the pub more often from now on... :p

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