Thursday, 11 August 2011

Japanese Style Hamburger Steak Recipe 2

Yesterday's dinner

*Japanese style Hamburger steak in soup
*Cabbage miso soup
*White rice

Japanese Style Hamburger Steak in Soup recipe


*Minced pork 250g
*Minced beef 250g
*Salts&Pepper some
*bread crumb 3 table spoons
*Egg 1
*Milk 1 table spoon


*Water 2 cups
*Japanese soup stock 2 tea spoons
*Soya sauce 4 table spoons
*Mirin 3 table spoons
*Pea some (Tear the edge off)
*Radish 3 cm (Shave it)

1. Mix all the ingredients for hamburger steaks well. Form round shapes.
2. Heat up a pan with some oil, cook the hamburger steaks.
3. Meanwhile, put all the soup ingredients in a pot except for the radish. Cook it for few minutes. Pour the soup into the pan with hamburger steaks. Place a lid and cook them for about 3 mins.

Serving instructions

*Place hamburger steaks on a plate, put shaved radish on top, pour the soup.*

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