Saturday, 6 August 2011

Back in Melbourne. Luxurious breakie?

Few days after I came back to Melbourne,
our fridge stopped working properly.

A small fan inside of the freezer stopped running.

Everything in the freezer started to melt...
so, we had to cook everything.
Chicken, fish, pork...
all the meat we kept in our freezer.

So our breakfast became rather luxurious!

*Rafutei (Okinawan pork belly dish)
*Grilled Hokke fish
*Mushroom soup
*Boiled cabbage with shaved bonitos
*White rice

Rafutei recipe is here

We went to see a new fridge,
but it turned out that
the fan in the freezer was just frozen and could not move.

After breaking out all the ice,
the freezer started working again!

Thank you Damien for all the hard work!

Thank you Saori for coming to our house
to help us finish our food.

The below picture is a souvenir from my mom.
A set of the Little Prince dishes.
Thank you mom

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