Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Veggie Roast

I made my favourite veggie roast with my new toaster!
At fist I was not sure if I could make a roast with a toaster instead of an oven, but it worked!
Cut some cucumbers, eggplants, carrots and potatoes, sprinkle some salt and herbs.
Place them on aluminium foils, marinate them with some olive oil.
Toast/grill them for 30 mins or so with mid to high temperature.

The difficult thing about making a roast with  a toaster is the temperature control.
But as long as you check the veggies regularly, no problem!

I can eat a whole bag of carrots when I roast them. hmmm yum.

Hokkaido Shima Hokke dinner & Eggplant in Japanese sweet sauce recipe

Dinner from few days back

*Shima Hokke from Hokkaido
(Stripe Patterned Hokke from Isetan Hokkaido fair.
Lots of oil in the fish. Super yum!)

*Eggplant in Japanese sweet sauce
*Vegetable soup

I bought a toaster few weeks back.
Cooking is very limited when you can only use a stove and microwave.
I need to grill, toast and bake things!

I wish I had an oven at my place but I don't...
So I decided to buy a toaster instead.
It's small, but not bad!
I can grill fish like today, make veggie roasts, semi dried tomatoes,
bake sweet potato cakes etc etc...

I can cook a lot more things with my new toaster.

Eggplant in Japanese sweet sauce recipe

(Well we don't require a toaster for today's recipe...)

*1 Japanese eggplant (thin and long)
*1 table spoon on soya sauce
*2 table sponns of mirin

*cut the eggplant into thin slices, leave them in a bowl wifh full of water.
*once water became a bit brown, get rid of the water. pour soya sauce and mirin in the same bowl, gently place a wrap on top of the bowl and microwave it for 2 misn or so.

Easy and Yummy.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Saturday Brunch: Hamburger Sandwich and Bacon&Egg Toast

☆Saturday Brunch☆

Home Made Hamburger Sandwich
Bacon&Egg Toast
Carrot & Fruit Juice

The hamburger steak is from Thursday's dinner.


Friday, 27 July 2012

My Very First Trip To Taiwan Day2

2nd Day- Breakfast at NewYork Bagles.
But we all ate Eggs Benedict (scones) and none of us tried bagles...

Western breakfast is so much cheaper in Taiwan compared to that in Singapore.
I still love the breakfast in Melb the best! But this was not bad!


After the breakfast, and playing cards in the shop for a while,
we took a train to Tansui
The Japanese guidebook says
Tansui is like a Taiwanese version of  Vienna.
Well, what do you think?

A guy disguising himself as a statue at the Tansui station.

A very tall ice cream.
I remember eating something like that (or even taller)
in ShinOkubo (Korean town) in Tokyo.

And What I liked the best on that day was this deep fried oyster puff!
It was very yummy!

Apparently, sunset is the most beautiful thing to see in Tansui.
But we didn't have time to stay till then.
What a shame, but hmm.. maybe next time :)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Today's Dinner : Hamburger Steaks Recipe

Today's Dinner

*Hamburger Steak
*Veggie Roasts

Recipe for Hamburger steaks serve 5

Minced beef 300g
Minced pork 250g
Dry hurbs 1 table spoon
Egg 1
Onion 1/4
Butter 1 tea spoon

1. Mince the onion into tiny tiny bits. Heat up a pan with the butter, fry the onion till it gets soft. Then leave it to cool it down.
2. Put all the ingredients including the fried onion in a bowl. Mix them very well with hands and make round shapes.
3. Heat up a pan again, and cook the hamburger steaks. Once both sides turned into nice brown colours, grill them in a toaster to cook fully.
*When you use a toaster, unnecessary oil comes out of the steaks and makes them tastier.*

You can eat it with your favourite sauce.
I mixed tomato sauce, fruit&vegetable sauce &mayonaise and put it on top!


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Friday at 5

Every friday at 5pm in my office, we all gather around a table and nibble some snacks.
It is like a routine in our office.

I am a member of the office event organizing team this term.
And last friday, we prepared pratas hotdogs with vegetarian curry for everybody.
I didn't know that sausages would go so well with pratas!

One of my colleagues made this rasberry & chocolate cheese cake
and brought it to the office to share.

The cake was sooooo nice!!!!
I must say that my most favourite cake is chocolate cheese cake because
I can enjoy my favourite chocolate cake and cheese cake at the same time!

Thank you for the cake, dear!

Hmmm what shall we organize for the next friday...

My Very First Trip To Taiwan Day1

I visited Taiwan for the first time at the end of June.

The purpose of going there is sightseeing of course, and also the most importantly,
to see my very important friends.

My ex-housemate and her boyfriend, and my very old friend whom I had not seen for almost 6 years!

I left Singapore very early in that morning. I woke up at 4am.
I was tired and sleepy, but at the same time, really excited.

Clouds are everywhere

Arrived at Taoyuen airport
I like this sticker on the ground


View from a taxi, on our way to the hotel
I was worried about typhoon, but hey, very nice weather!

After dropping our luggage at the hotel,
we took a train down from Banxiao (板橋)station to Shi-mon (西門 west gate)station

Taiwanese train ticket is a plastic coin!
So cute! I love it!

I caught up with my friends there and tried many street snacks.

The picture below is a man making Taiwanese pancakes.
The pancakes are similar to Indian pratas in Singapopre,
but this one comes with a black sauce which is very similar to Japanese okonomiyaki sauce!
It was very yummy and the man selling the panckaes was very friendly and funny.


After stuffing ourselves with delicious street food, we walked pass by  
the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂)


A beautiful lake and bridge


For dinner, friends took us to a very nice Japanese style BBQ restaurant.

Yaki Onigiri
(Grilled rice balls)



And more!!

More food to come in the next taiwan trip post...

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Morimori Japanese style breakfast

Today's Breakfast (Brunch)
Japanese style breakfast

Salmon from the Hokkaido Food Fair at Isetan few weeks back.

Soft and Juicy

I ate it with shaved radish & soya sauce
So yummy!

Dashimaki tamago (Japanese style sweet rolled egg)

 Tofu & Negi miso soup (Long time no miso soup! I missed you so much)

Niku Jyaga (stewed potatoes, minced pork, carrots, devil's tongue & beans)

I was very hungry this morning and was craving for Japanese food!
My housemate was surprised to see me grilling the salmon from the morning...
"Are you eating all this for breakfast?"
Well, I have to agree that it was a bit too much for breakfst :p

*"Morimori" is a sound/word we use in Japanese when we think something is "a lot"*