Saturday, 24 April 2010

pumpkin risotto

Today's lunch

Pumpkin Risotto

Ingredients for 4

rice 3 cups
pumpkin 1/4
red capsicum 1/2
asparagus 2
consome 2 cubes
cheese 2 slices
honey 2 table spoons
salt and pepper


1. Cook rice

2. cut the pumpkin into smaller blockes. Take out the skin, microwave them for 4-5 mins till they become soft. Once become soft, smash them and put salt and papper.

3. cut the capsicum, asparagus into small pieces.

4. once rice is cooked, put rice in a pot, pour 1 cup of water, and consome (it's better if you melt the consome with boiling water before putting it into the pot).

5. add the veggie (add pumpkin at the end), honey and stir again.

6. slice the cheese with hands and add them into the pot.

7. stir well, if it's not salty enough, add a bit more of salt and pepper.

done Y

Thursday, 15 April 2010

cream pasta with my new favorite plate

This is my favorite plate from Giburi museum in Tokyo.

The black cat on the plate (ジジ) is a character from the famous Miyazaki Hayao movie, "Kiki's Delivery".

I bought this plate when I went back to Japan for holiday over the new year.

It's fun both eating and cooking with a new cute plateY

Monday, 5 April 2010

Cullen Skink

This is a traditional Scotish milk soup with cod fish.
The other day, when I went to Safeway (supermarket) with my bf, a lady came to us and suggested us to buy cod fish and make some Scotish milk soup.
I have never eaten scotish food so I was very curious.
The lady was very nice that she wrote a recipe on the back of her reciept and gave it to us.
After we came home, my bf cooked it.
It was very nice creamy soup Y

I had't eaten much fish lately so I was simply happy to get to eat fish as well.

I eat a lot of fish in Japan but once I came back to Melbourne, I tend to eat meat over fish.
It's because I found fish here quite expensive.

However, cod fish is not that expensive.

I shall come up with some recipes for cod fish and eat more fish from now on Y

Today, we also had grilled salmon for dinner!

Fish is supporsed to be good for your brain :)
I heard that it makes you more intelligent!

Let's see...

27 dresses

"27 dresses" is one of the best movies ever YYY

I watched it last night with my housemate.


これ、とーーーーっても良い映画 Y

OMG, I love him!!
He is really cute in the movie!


I love this movie so much that I watched it 2 times last night.

I want to watch it again tonight... (crazy)

Anyway, seriously this is a good movie.




The dresses which lead you to your happy ending

Since I was small, I have been having this habit to watch my favorite movies over and over many times a day.



My favorite movie in my childhood was "my neighbour totoro"
I used to watch this over and over again (according to my mum)
I still love this movie.


Saturday, 3 April 2010


I heard from my housemate that we were not supposed to eat meat on the easter friday.

So we tried.

Vegetarian dinner Y on friday



Deep fried dumplings with tuna and cheese

veggie omelet (onions and carrots )


Tofu with sweet chili sauce



soy beans, carrots, tofu, devil's tongue in Japanese traditional sweet sauce


devel's tongue (konnyaku) with garlic BBQ sauce


Long beans with shaved bonitoes

Traditonal radish dish


Our friend came over for dinner today and we cooked together.

After dinner, we drew easter eggs!!

I love drawing.

I've done "easter egg drawing" before but it was long time ago, when I was really small.

I wanted to draw on more eggs, but we didn't have many eggs in our fridge.

It was a fun easter dinner Y