Sunday, 13 February 2011

Nasu dengaku (eggplants with sweet miso sauce) recipe

Today's dinner

Vegetarian Menu

  • Udon (I made the soup out of seaweed soup stock, not fish)

  • Nasu dengaku (eggplant with sweet miso sauce)
    by my friend's request

  • Konnyaku dengaku (devil's tongue with sweet miso sauce)
  • Tofu, Spinach&Tomato salad with sesame dressings
  • Miso Tofu gratin
  • Carrots& devil's tongue kimpira

My friend came to visit my house over dinner.
I had been thinking what to cook for dinner throughout the day today.

I had a lot of dishes in my mind

I couldn't cook everything today,
so I am going to save those ideas for next time
I asked her to come over for dinner again

She bought us taro & greem tea cakes
She called the green tea cakes as "green tea flakies"
but she is not sure what it's called.

They were sooo nice
but I forgot to take photos...

Anyway, long time no cooking for someone else
Felt so good

No lonely dinner tonight.

Ah but I'm so full

I need to do some exercise on wii fit tomorrow

Nasu dengaku (egg plants with sweet miso sauce)

recipe serves 2


  • Eggplant (1/2 big round one or 2 thin ones)
  • Miso 2 table spoons
  • Mirin (Japanese sweet sake) 3 table spoons
  • vinegar 1 table spoon


  1. cut the eggplant into 1cm width. leave it in a bowl of water and the vinegar.
  2. fry the eggplants in a pan with some oil. cook them with low fire. flip them over sometimes so that you can cook both sides.
  3. close the lid and steam the eggplants till they become really soft.


  1. put the miso and mirin in a pot, heat them up with low fire. stir well.
  2. put the sauce on top of the cooked eggplants.

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