Saturday, 26 February 2011

CERES Farmer's market

I went to Ceres Organic and Craft market with my friends today.
My friend is really into Organic stuff.
It's fun hanging out with her cos
she always takes me to new places and I can learn a lot of things from her.

Today she took me to the CERES organic farmer's market.

Look at this picture above!
Isn't this adorable?

puppy parking!

Different kinds of pumpkins

Organic veggies
The sign boards tell you where those veggie came from
and how far those farms are from this market.
The further the place, the more energy they consumed
to bring the veggies to this market.
Therefore, it's better for the environment
if you can buy veggies with short distance sign boards
because you'll have smaller carbon footprints.


You can pick up your favourite bascket and carry veggies inside.

I love this bit. I found it soo cute.

A lady cooking eggs


Besides the veggie market, there were also individual stalls
selling clothes, accessories, books and more!

Beautiful blue sky!

Such a nice day

Such a beautiful place...

This place looks like countryside but it's just 30 mins away from city.


They grow vegetables here too.

Market CAFE

I really enjoyed the market.

On our way home we found this sign board...

"Tina's Hot bread "
I have a friend called Tina,
and so I just found it funny.

I'm gonna show this picture to her tomorrow.

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