Friday, 11 February 2011

Okinawan dish: Butano Kakuni

Yesterday's dinner


  • Okinawan dish: Butano kakuni

  • fresh sweet tomatoes

  • miso mayo bean sprouts

  • white rice

    • Okinawa is famous for its longevity.

      Okinawan people's lifestyle and diet are known to be very healthy.

      Famous okinawan food:

      • Rafutei (Butano kakuni)

      • Goya champru-(stir fried bitter melon with eggs)
      • Pig's ears snacks

      • Soki soba (Okinawan noodle dish)

        Original rafutei tends to be sweet, but this recipe is for sourish rafutei.

        I love this one better than sweet one

        Less sugar=healtheir choice!

      Sourish Butano Kakuni Recipe

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