Sunday, 29 January 2012

Easy & Tasty Stir fried chicken with veggies



chicken thigh 150g

Garlic 2 pieces/ per chopped garlic 2 tea spoons

Snow peas about 10 pieces
Baby corns about 10 pieces
Onion 1

Oyster sauce 3-5 table spoons as you like.
Chicken powder 1 tea spoon


1. Cut the chicken into eatable sizes, mince the garlic
2. Cut onion into thin slices, baby corns into eatable sizes.
3 De-string peas, cut them into eatable pieces.

4. Heat up a pan with some oil (mud-strong fire) with garlic.
cook the chicken till its colour turns brown. Add the veggies.

5. Add the sauce at the end, stir well.

Stir fry is the easiest way to consume a lot of veggies :)

Wild honey part 2

2 days after my birthday lunch at wild honey, I went back there again for my friend's birthday!!

These sandwiches were really nice!

Hmmm but I still miss breakfast shops in Melbourne..

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Happy Chinese new year

Fried rice

Noodles in gravy with pork, prawns, veggies and eggs
Very similar to 中華丼 taste

Japanese style spare ribs

Lo hei

Mixture of veggies and other things which I don't know
You are meant to toss it with chopsticks as high as possible.
This is for good luck they say.
Singapore cultural food for Chinese new year.
Interesting, but the taste is not that nice..

Pork trotters

Ikea localisation!

Ikea always has those sauce booths next to hot dog stands. But Ikea Singapore is little bit special, it has chill sauce besides tomato sauce and mustard! I've never seen chill sauce in the ikea Melbourne! Localisation!

Lunch at Ikea

Swedish meatballs ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Monday, 16 January 2012

Today's dinner, my beautiful rice

Mabo tofu and avocado&tomato salad accompanied by my beautiful rice cooked in my brand new (very cheap) rice cooker!!! -Only $15 from best denki

I've been wanting to buy a rice cooker cos i left mine in melbourne.
and I finally got one yesterday:)
At first I was going to buy an expensive kind but then..
ah this will do.

And the thing is,
Not bad!!

Long time no cooking!!

This might sound a bit strange but I'd been craving for my own cooking.

And today finally I cooked ma-bo tofu with my brand new very cute pot!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

My birthday lunch at Wild Honey

Wild Honey in Scotts Square

They have varieties of breakfast menu.
We had English breakfast.

Brioche bread was so nice!

Spicy pork sandwiches

Moctail called Mandarin something..
I forgot the name but it was very nice!

A cup cake from Awfully Chocolate!
My colleagues celebrated my birthday at work :)

Thank you everybody for celebrating my birthday
and wishing me happy birthday from all over the world!
I love you all! :)