Sunday, 29 January 2012

Easy & Tasty Stir fried chicken with veggies



chicken thigh 150g

Garlic 2 pieces/ per chopped garlic 2 tea spoons

Snow peas about 10 pieces
Baby corns about 10 pieces
Onion 1

Oyster sauce 3-5 table spoons as you like.
Chicken powder 1 tea spoon


1. Cut the chicken into eatable sizes, mince the garlic
2. Cut onion into thin slices, baby corns into eatable sizes.
3 De-string peas, cut them into eatable pieces.

4. Heat up a pan with some oil (mud-strong fire) with garlic.
cook the chicken till its colour turns brown. Add the veggies.

5. Add the sauce at the end, stir well.

Stir fry is the easiest way to consume a lot of veggies :)

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