Saturday, 30 October 2010

August, September and October

I just realized that I hadn't updated my blog since my graduation in August!!!!

It's been a while...

2010 is almost finishing!

How scary is that...

I can't wait for Christmas and New Year though!

Let's look back what had happend after my graduation



Few days after my graduation, I realized that my visa was expiring within 1 day.

That was one of the scariest moment in my life.

I didn't know what to do.

It was almost midnight.

I was panicing but I didn't wake up my mum who was sleeping comfortably in my room.
(My mum was in Australia at that time because she came to visit my graduation).

I was panicing really badly, but at the same time, I started to think that it might be my destiny to go back to Japan since I already graduated from uni.

"If... If I leave Australia tomorrow, I can go back to Japan with my mum... Hmmm."

I suddenly felt happy and started looking for air tickets to go back to Japan, imagining all the fun things I can do once I go back to Japan.



Wait a minute.

No NO NO, that is not good.

I should think about a way to stay in Australia first.

I decided to stay in Australia and look for jobs.

I shouldn't just give up so easily, change my plan and go back to Japan.

I ended up asking my boyfriend and housemate for help, and somehow, I manged to apply for a new visa just in time!!!

I thought I could not apply any visas at this stage... but I could!!

Well, everything went alright at the end, but I must be careful from next time.


In September, I started working part time at Baker's Delight near my house.

I used to work in a Bakery in Japan for more than 3 years and I loved it.

So I thought it was gonna be fun to work in a bakery in Australia too.

It was not that easy at first though, I found it difficult to remember the names of the bread such as pane di casa, pasta dura, continental, sourdough etc... because I was not familiar with such types of bread.

Also it was difficult for me to distinguish the types of loafs:the ones with chia seeds, country grain, sesame, poppy...

At first, they all looked the same to me.

In Japan, we sell many kids of souvery rolls but only 1 or 2 types of loafs. They are also all white without seeds. So I was overwhelmed by the numbers of different kinds of loafs.

But after working there for almost 2 months, I have no problem distinguishing and remembering the names and types of the bread!

Oh, however, there is another difficulty which I could never conquer...

That is, everything was built so high in the bakery.

The counter, the shelves, sinks and a mirror... everything is set too high for me that I always have to stand/walk tip toe.

I wonder I can still grow taller in my age...


In October, there was my friend's wedding in Japan.

I really wanted to go back and attend her wedding!!!

However, I couldn't.

It was soooo frustrating...especially because I know her since the first year of elementary school!!!

So I sent her a video speech.

I never recorded myself like this before --dress up nicely and talk to a video camera alone at home-- so it was kind of an embarrassing yet, interesting experience for me.

Anyway, I heard from my another friend who attended the wedding that many poeple liked my speech and some were even crying while watching my speech.

I was happy to hear such news.

I hope the bride loved my speech too.

I saw some of the pictures from the wedding.

She looked really beautiful :)


In October, I also started learning driving .

I've got my leaners' permit long long time March

but I was too lazy to start actual driving lessons.

After 7 months, I finally booked driving lessons with RACV.

And you know what,

Driving is fun!!!!!!

My instructor was friendly, funny and patient.

When I told this to my boyfriend and housemate, they said...

"I told you to start your lessons so many times!!!! After 7 months, finally you are learning!!!"


Thank you guys, for always being patient with me.

My second lesson is day after tomorrow!

I can't wait!