Sunday, 27 September 2009

Japanese style hamburger steak/和風ハンバーグ recipe

Today's dinner

*Japanese style hamburger steak

*sweet pork with radish

*pickled miso cucumber

*white rice

*miso soup

Japanese style hamburger steak recipe


*minced pork 150g
*minced beef 150g
*onion 1
*egg 1
*bread crumbs 3 table spoons

*radish 1/2
*soya sauce 5 table spoons
*mirin 5 table spoons
*sake 5 table spoons
*suger 1 tea spoon

**Instructions for hambergur steak**

1. chop the onion into small pieces, heat up a pan with some oil and cook the onion.

2. leave the onion and let it cool down. then, mix it with meat, egg and bread crumbs.

3. mix them well with hands, then make shapes.

4. heat up a pan with some oil and cook the shaped hambergur stakes.
*first, cook them with stronger fire, once the stakes turned brown, make the fire low, place a lid and cook till they are fully cooked.

**Instructions for the Japanese sauce**

1. shave the radish
2. put radish and all the sauce ingredients into a pot and heat them up.
3. place them on the top of the hambergur steak Y

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