Sunday, 13 September 2009

cheesy chicken dinner & happy news

One of my good friends in Japan is getting married this December!!!!!

I'll be in Japan for holiday by then... I can attend her wedding YYYY

Ah such a happy news..... Y

Today, I went to 3zzz radio station in Fitzroy.
It's a community radio station having so many different programs run by different languages.

Japanese radio program is one of them and...

I'll be a member of Japanese radio pragram from next week :)

First I'll start working as a marketing coordinator.

Then, I'll be an announcer too from next year.

Very exciting  

Japanese Radio broadcast
92.3FM Sunday 12:00-13:00

online recorded version

I'm so happy that suddenly there are so many working oppotunities out there for me : D
I'll do my best!

Today's dinner Y

Cheesy chicken


*chicken breast 1 piece (200g)
*herbs - basil, oregano, 1 tea spoon each.
*tomato ketchup 2 table spoon
*mastard 2 table spoon
*garlic 1 tea spoon
*soya sauce 1 tea spoon
*sake 1 tea spoon

*cheese 1 slice


1. open up chicken breast so that you can put cheese later on (don't put the cheese yet)

2. put all the ingredients except for cheese in a bowl. Leave the chicken inside of the sauce for a while.

3. take the chicken out of the bowl, insert the cheese in between the chicken

4. heat up a pan with some oil. cook the chicken. flip over and make both sides of the chiken fiarly brown (make sure the cheese won't come out). medium to low fire

5. close the lid and cook till the chicken is cooked.

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