Thursday, 10 September 2009


I'm waiting for my housemate to be home Y

Because... we took away a (looks) very nice japanese cheesecake last night so that we can eat it together today.

Talking about housemate, I remembered that I always wanted to share a house with friends from other countries.

I once studied in English school in Sydney for 1 month when I was 19.
It was before I came to Melbourne.

The school was located just outside of the Manly beach.

Some of my classmates from France and Brazil, they always brought their swim suits and surf boad to class so that they can go to the beach straight after the class.

I leaned not only English but French and Portuguese from my friends :)

I even took up French after I went back to Japan.

My stay in Manly was awesome!!

Except for the fact that I stayed with a host mother who was working full time and always away.

There were some food in the freazer though, I remember I used to buy chips everyday for dinner.

She was a very nice lady though, I knew that my classmates shared a house and lived together, I also wanted to live with them.

But, because my stay in Manly was only 1 month, I didn't have chance to try "house sharing".

I didn't even have a mobile phone at that time (my Japanese phone couldn't be used overseas) and I spent hours waiting for my friends outside of the ferry station when my friends didn't show up for a while. (summer time just started on that day)

Few days before I left Manly, I remember that I discovered a Japanese ramen shop near my English school.

The man making ramen was Japanese and we talked in Japanese.
It was the first and last time I spoke Japanese during my stay in Manly.
I was relaxed.

The ramen tasted very nice.

But more than that, the miso soup which the Japanese man made tasted like real homemade miso soup and reminded me of home.

On the way home (Japan), I promised that I would never ever forget about people I met and things I did with them in Manly.

I promised that I would come back to Australia someday...

And I did :)

Now, I'm studying in Melbourne.

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