Saturday, 5 September 2009

roasted veggies&egg risotto

Today's lunch Y
Roasted veggies (tomatoes & red capsicum) & egg risotto


together 1 cup
*cooked rice 2 bowls

*water 1 cup

*Konsome 1 cube

*egg 1

*cheese 1 table spoon-( optional )


1. pour the water and rice into a pot, cook them till the water boils and the rice gets soft.

2. add Konsome, stir well.

3. add the veggies, stir well.

4. add egg, stir well.

(5. add cheese stir well.)

If you add cheese, it tastes more rich and thick.

If you don't add cheese, it tastes more refreshing.

I like both waysY

Today's dessert Y

Cookie & Cream Ice creamYYY

My favorite!!!!

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