Tuesday, 8 September 2009

yaki udon

Today's lunch Y
(I love this picture... looks cute)

*Yaki Udon (fried noodles)

*cabbage miso soup


**Grapes were very sweet and cheap in safeway. $4.95 / kg! :)

I bought a Yaki udon package... so the sauce is not my original.

But next time, I'll invent my own sauce for yaki udon!

Yaki udon is easy to make even if you make it from scratch :)

and it's very tastyyyyy Y

I personaly love to have a half cooked egg on the top of the yaki udon.

It has to be half cooked!
and you mix the yolk with the noodles when you eat it Y


*minced pork 50g

*onion 1

*Boiled Udon for 2 people

*Yaki Udon sauce 2 packets


1. cut the onion into thin slices.

2. heat up a pan with some oil, cook the pork and onions till onions become soft and transparent.

3. add Udon and 1/3 of water.

4. add the sauce, stir well.

My housemate is taking me to a Taiwaneese restaurant for dinner tomorrow.

Can't waitY

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