Monday, 14 September 2009

Special fried rice dinner

My housemate cooked me fried rice for dinner today YYY !!!!!

I had my orchestra rehearsal as usual tonight (last rehearsal before the break!!) so I came home around 9pm.

It's a bit annoying when I have to cook dinner after I come home from reheasal because it's gonna be really late by the time I get eat dinner. :(

So, I usually cook dinner before the rehearsal.
But today, my housemate smsed me and said

she can cook dinner for me!!

So sweet YYY

and so Today, dinner was already ready for me when I came home YYY


and and the fried rice she cooked was really really REALLY REALLY YUM!!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I ate 2 bowls of fried rice!!!

I just couldn't stop eating...

I'm gaining so much weight nowadays... fat fat fat

But who cares.

I love fried rice.

and it was super yummy!!

***We don't have rehearsals during the uni break (2 weeks from next week! yes!) but I really need to practice hard... because our concert is coming up really soon after the break!!

I decided to do sectional practice with my friend during the break :)****

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