Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Taiwaneese restaurant *peko - peko*

I had a long day today.

3 hour tutes, 1 hour internship lecture and 15 mins consultation.

plus, I've been working on some online marketing work.


Today, I went to a Taiwaneese restaurant called "peko-peko" for dinner with my housemate.

My housemate is a Taiwaneese :)

About a week ago, she promised me to take me to a real Taiwaneese restaurant because I've never eaten real Tiwaneese food before.

She actually took me to the restaurant before, but it was closed on that day.


But today, I finally ate there Y


The name of the restaurant is "peko-peko" (means hungry in Japanese).

It sounds so easy, but I can never remember its name.
I always make a mistake and call it "mogu-mogu" (munching sound in Japanese)


Anyway :)

The food there was sooooooooo Good !!!

I especially loved the Taiwaneese sausage
(It's completely different from Australian sausages or Japanese sausages. It's sweet!)

*ah I forgot to take a picture of the sausage!! hmmm next time...

And the dessert was soooooooooooooooooo good too YYYY

black rice + sweet beans + sesame ice cream

It looks a bit "interesting" though, it did taste very very nice YYY
(my dad uses the expression "interesting" when he doesn't like the food he ate)

On our way home, we talked about our childhood dreams and our future.

Both of us are graduating next year, so we have to think what to do after graduation.

When we were small...

She wanted to be a musician.

I wanted to be a piano teacher.

I also wanted to be a school teacher.

She wanted to be a school teacher too.

We both laughed.

Even though I know her for only few weeks, I feel like I've known her for few years.

She is always cheerful and so makes me happy :)

If you think about sharing a house with a stranger in Japan, the whole idea seems so weird and dangerous.

But living with someone, having a housemate is actually a very good experience to have while living overseas.

When we were about to reach our home, she said to me,

"I'm happy to meet you and know you, tomo."

"I'm happy too."

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