Friday, 4 September 2009

Japanese career fair

I went to submit my essay this morning!

I finished my essay around 2 am last night which was the world record history for me.

I'm always a last minute person...

I always finish my essays like 1 hour before the essay due
(if the essay is due on friday 5pm, i finish at friday 4pm. )

So, I felt soooo gooood when I finish my essay early last night!!!

I was very happy YY

I tried hard to finish my essay early last night because...

I wanted to go to the Japanese career fair today :)

The fair took place in one of the buildings on Queen street.

I was heading there by tram.

I was on a right tram.

But I didn't realize that the tram went passed Queen street and reached William street (1 street after Queen street)

And I was lost for a while.

I always get lost.

So I'm sort of used to being lost.


The carrer fair was very useful.

What I leaned from the career fair was...

I should seriously start looking and applying for jobs.

I should seriously start thinking about my future, what I really do, what kind of jobs I wanna do.

The graduation is coming faster than you think...

Anyway, the career fair was fun YY

So many Japanese gathered in a small room, listened to the presenatations and talked to each other.

I met my friends from college too.

It was like an alumni meeting for meY

After that, my friend and I went to an ice cream shop where my friend's friend works.

He treated us some VERY VERY VERY NICE chocolate ice cream drink YY

And some VERY VERY NICE Milk shake YY

Ah happy YY

After that we went to a Japanese Izakaya restaurant in city, "Chuji" for dinner.

I had Katsu don Y

Few days ago, I took away Katsu don from a Japanese restaurant near uni, called "sushi sai".
(they call it Japanese restaurant, but I doubt it because it is not run by Japanese).

And it was soooo disappointing.

The sauce was different.

No egg.

No onions. (but lots of bean sprouts).


NO MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!

This is crazy.

Katsu don is supposed to have a pork cutlet, some half cooked egg and onions with sweet sauce.

It's because

Katsu don's "Katsu" means Cutlet!!!!

But I couldn' t see any meat in my Katsudon.
I couldn't taste meat either.

All I had was just some bread crumbs!!!




I know that katsudon in "chuji" is real Katsu don

because I've eaten it few times.

Today, I found the sauce too sweet though, I did taste pork inside of my chuji katsudon!!

I love the Katsu don back home in Japan so much better better better though!

I'm very satisfied with everything.

For me, it was a Japanese day today :)

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