Friday, 18 September 2009

Holiday began

Nice weather again :)

My housemate and I went to some International afternoon tea event held by uni in the afternoon.

This event is meant for Japanese students and local and international students studying Japanese to meet each other.

I met some people from Uni's Japanese club at the afternoon tea and they invited me to join the Japanese club camp coming up this monday! (even though I'm not the member of the club :)

It's actually interesting that most of the Japanese club members are non-Japanese students studying Japanese in uni while other clubs like Chinese clubs, Manalysian clubs or Singaporian clubs are mostly made of people from their own countries. anyway.

I had a good time at the afternoon tea because all the food offered there was awsome!!!!!

I loved sashimi sandwich and coroquette kind of dish.. Y

At night, housemate's friend came over for dinner and she cooked Taiwaneese food for both her friend and me!! yum yum yum...

I didn't need cook anything on my very first holiday :)

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