Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Handmade Cards 2012

Some of the cards I made in 2012

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Taco Rice Brunch

Today's Brunch

 Taco rice

Yesterday I invited my friend to my house and had tacos.
There were still little bit of leftover taco ingredients from yesterday
so I made taco rice with them.

*Gokoku Rice
*Seasoned Minced Beef
*Lettuce & Onion
*Taco shells
*Salsa sauce

The very first time I ate taco rice was
when I went to Okinawa with my friends as a college graduation trip.

I had't eaten taco rice much since then,
but I love taco rice as much as mexican tacos :)

I should make this more often as it is very quick and yummy dish!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Singapore National Day

August 9th was Singapore national day.

 Today was not a holiday for me,
but after work,  I went to see fireworks with my friend.

In Japan, there are lots of firework festivals during summer.
But in Singapore, even though it is a tropical country and it is summer throughout the year,
they only have fireworks on special occasions like today.

They should do it more often!

I went to Marina bay to see the fireworks
and there were heaps of people out there to see the fireworks, just like us!

Half way through the fireworks,
my friend and I started to worry about going home.
If we stay till the end of the show, we might take a long long time to get home!
Imagine all those people rushing to one MRT station and trying to squeeze in to a train...

What is more, tomorrow is friday and still need to wake up early and go to work...

So we left the place pretty early.
We got there around 8 and left there around 8:15.

We hardly stayed there but we did enjoy the fireworks! 

And I was so relieved when I finally reached home.
(Trains were already quite packed even though we left so early) 

Lastly, it is a mentos!- Singapore national day version
Freebies at the firework event!

I have missed it, but my housemate who also went to see the fireworks gave it to me as a souvenier.
Thank you :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Bibimpab Dinner

Today's dinner

*Pork Bibimpab
*Boiled sweet pumpkin
*Japanese rolled egg (dashimaki tamago)

What I like about Bibimpab is that I can eat a lot of veggies in one meal!

*Pickled radish
*Carrots in vinegar sauce
*Thin sliced pork and onion marinated in Japaense BBQ sauce
*Korean sauce in the middle!

Last time when I made bibimpab, I made it with slightlydifferent ingredients ->
This time I didn't put an egg on top of the bibimpab as I had already made Japanese rolled egg.
(consuming too much egg at once is not good for you)

Japanese rolled egg recipe is here ->

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Congee with kway teow noodles

Today's lunch

Congee with Singaporean Kway Teow Noodles.

I had some oily food last night for dinner,
so I wanted to eat something very simple and gentle on stomach this morning.
I thought of congee but I was running out of rice.

It was raining outside and I could even hear thunder from my kitchen window.
The nearest supermarket is 15 mins-walk away.

"I don't want to go shopping now,
but I want to eat congee, what shall I do?"

Then, I realized that I have  Kway Teow Noodles in the freezer.  
Kway Teow is made of rice and it is very thin and soft.
Its texture is perfect for congee.

The ingredients is almost the same as the dinner a day before
Stir fried carrots, cabbage, onion, mushrooms and thin sliced pork
-It turned out to be a very easy and tasty kway teow congee noodles.



Easy and Tasty Kway Teow Congee Noodles Recipe

servies 2



*cabbage 3-4 pieces
*onion 1/4
*thin sliced pork 2-3 slices
*Shiitake mushroom3 pieces or so


*Kway Teow noodles 1 pack 
*chicken soup stock 1 tea spoon
*Japanese men tsuyu 5 table spoons
*water 1/2 cup

Opetional Ingredient

Egg 1 

1. Wash and cut all the  ingredients in group 1 and stir fry with less than 1 tea spoon of sesame oil in a pot.
2. Once veggies became soft, add all the ingredients in group 2
3. Once it starts boiling, add the egg and stir well. Ready to serve!

Even if you don't have the veggies I mentioned above, that is ok. You can use your favourite veggies or just add whatever you have in your fridge!

6 kinds of veggetable in one meal: Japanese BBQ don Dinner

Dinner from a day before

*BBQed pork and veggies
*Pickled radish
*Grilled corns

Thin sliced pork, carrots, cabbage, pumpkins, onions, shiitake mushrooms...
Marinate them with with Japanese BBQ sauce
and stir fried them with less than 1 tea spoon of sesame oil.
(Pumpkins must be microwaved for 1 mins before you stir fry them)

Grilled butter corns and pickled radish

It was my first time buying fresh corns in Singapore
but these ones were not as sweet as ones in Australia or in Japan... :(

All together 6 kinds of veggies in one meal!

I ate alot and became really full but most of the things I ate were veggies! So I felt good! :)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Easy & Sweet Delicious Semi-Dried Tomatoes Recipe

Easy and Sweet Delicious Semi-Dried Tomatoes Recipe

Please use very red cherry tomatoes.



*cherry mini tomatoes 20
*Italian herbs 1 table spoon
*Olive oil 2 table spoons


1. Cut the tomatoes into half. Place an aluminium foil on a tray.

2. Place tomatoes on the aluminium foil, apart from each other.

3. Marinate tomatoes with the herbs and olive oil on the tray.  

4. Toast them for about for 40 mins to 1 hour with low temperature.

Chicken foccacia: Easy Parmesan Herb Chicken Recipe

Well, it looks like lunch.
But no. It was my dinner last night.

*Chicken foccacia
*Baked croquettes
*Semi-dried tomatos
*Carrot and fruit juice

My mum bakes delicious bread at home.

I have worked in both Japanese and Australian bakeries before,
but my mun's bread has always been the best.

I want to be able to bake bread like my mum someday,
but till then, I need to buy some cheap bread from supermarket... :(

Recently, I've been buying this mediterranean foccacia bread from fair price finest
(Singaporean supermarket).

It's got bits of dried tomatoes inside and  yes, it is quite good for the price.
Yes very fair price...

Anyway, so what I did was.. I toasted the mediterranean foccacias in my new toaster,
made parmesan herb chicken patties and semi-dried tomatoes.
Stuffed them in the toasted foccacia bread with sliced cucumbers, lettuce and mayonaise.

Cheap bread turned into a delicious sandwich! 

Parmesan Herb Chicken Pattie Recipe


*Minced chicken 200g
*Dried Italian herbs 1 table spoon
*Parmesan Cheese 1 table spoon
*Breadcrumbs 1 table spoon

1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well. Then make round, flat shapes.
2. Heat up a pan with some olive oil and cook the patties.