Saturday, 21 July 2012

Morimori Japanese style breakfast

Today's Breakfast (Brunch)
Japanese style breakfast

Salmon from the Hokkaido Food Fair at Isetan few weeks back.

Soft and Juicy

I ate it with shaved radish & soya sauce
So yummy!

Dashimaki tamago (Japanese style sweet rolled egg)

 Tofu & Negi miso soup (Long time no miso soup! I missed you so much)

Niku Jyaga (stewed potatoes, minced pork, carrots, devil's tongue & beans)

I was very hungry this morning and was craving for Japanese food!
My housemate was surprised to see me grilling the salmon from the morning...
"Are you eating all this for breakfast?"
Well, I have to agree that it was a bit too much for breakfst :p

*"Morimori" is a sound/word we use in Japanese when we think something is "a lot"*

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