Friday, 27 July 2012

My Very First Trip To Taiwan Day2

2nd Day- Breakfast at NewYork Bagles.
But we all ate Eggs Benedict (scones) and none of us tried bagles...

Western breakfast is so much cheaper in Taiwan compared to that in Singapore.
I still love the breakfast in Melb the best! But this was not bad!


After the breakfast, and playing cards in the shop for a while,
we took a train to Tansui
The Japanese guidebook says
Tansui is like a Taiwanese version of  Vienna.
Well, what do you think?

A guy disguising himself as a statue at the Tansui station.

A very tall ice cream.
I remember eating something like that (or even taller)
in ShinOkubo (Korean town) in Tokyo.

And What I liked the best on that day was this deep fried oyster puff!
It was very yummy!

Apparently, sunset is the most beautiful thing to see in Tansui.
But we didn't have time to stay till then.
What a shame, but hmm.. maybe next time :)

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