Saturday, 6 August 2011

Miss Marples @ Mt. Dandenong

Few months back in April,
I went to Mt. Dandenong with my housemates.

There was a place where we could see a lot of parrots
and feed them from our hands.

We went there on weekends (I don't remember if that was sat or sun)
so there were really a lot of people.

By the time we got there, many people had already fed the parrots.
So not many parrots were interested in my food...

As you can see from the picture above, I managed to feed one!
It took us so long to get this picture!

There were so many other people standing still,
just like trees with birds' food on their hands...
they looked so desperate for parrots to eat their food!

It was quite funny.

we went to Miss Marples's Tea House for lunch
(It's a famous cafe in Mt. Dandenong).

This cafe is so popular that
you have to queue up for a very long time
(2-3 hours!!) just to get a seat.

Plus, it closes very early,
so you must get there early in the morning
if you want to have lunch there.

Why is this cafe so popular?

One of the reasons is that
the cafe's name "Miss Marple" is taken from
a fictional character in Agatha Christie's novels.

They have related pictures on the cafe's walls.
Its interior is pretty.

We ordered...

Garlic bread

Today's Soup

Sandwiches (This was very yummy)

Meat pie
(I don't usually like meat pies but this was not bad)


I think, scones are the best in this cafe.
They are very soft just like freshly baked bread.

Well, the cafe is pretty, the food is quite good.
But better be careful.
Their service is bad.
Well, at least I found it very rude and unpleasant.

They don't smile at all.
We ordered quite a lot
but they were not happy.
They wanted us to order more!
They gave us wrong change.
(I guess this was by an accident)


If interested, this is their website:
Good Food VS Bad Service. It might be worth trying.

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