Thursday, 11 August 2011

Chicken and Radish Nimono

Today's breakfast


*Chicken and Radish Nimono
*Cabbage miso soup
*White rice
*Blue berry jam yoghurt
*Mandrin Orange juice!

Chicken and Radish Nimono Recipe


*Radish 5cm
*Chicken thigh 200g
*Water (with 1 tea spoon of rice or, water you used to wash rice)
*Water 3 cups
*Japanese soup stock 2 tea spoons
*Soya sauce 3 table spoons
*Mirin 3 table spoons


1. Cut the radish into eatable sizes (1cm thick is good). Then, make small incisions around the edges of the radish so that the radish soaks up the sauce when we cook it.

2. Boil the radish with the rice water till the radish becomes soft.

3. Meanwhile, cut the chicken into eatable sizes. Put the chicken and the rest of the ingredients into a pot, cook the for 10 mins (mid fire)with a lid on. Take out scum.

4. Once the radish is cooked, Get rid of the rice water. Add the radish to the pot with the chicken. Cook for another 5 mins or so.

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