Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tuesday lecture

I made it for my morning lecture today!!

It's actually my first time to attend the tuesday lecture.....aww

I always miss this lecture because...

I always feel so tired on tuesday morning,

and there will be lecture recordings online...(so technically I don't miss out anything)

and this is the only class I have on tuesday...

So I always sleep in..

But this morning, I thought

"I must stop being soooo lazy!!"


and I woke up :D

and I went to the lecture :) :)

But I went into a wrong lecture theatre.


There was a female lecturer standing in front of the screen.
(my lecture is a male)

I thought

"Never mind, she must be a guest lecturer or something...."

But then!

the lecturer started to speak in some other language.... (French? not English for sure!!)

That's when I realized that I was in a wrong class!!!! :O

Well, this happend all because I had been skipping the tuesday lecture!! X(

Bad, bad!

I won't miss my tuesday lecture from now on!!

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