Thursday, 20 August 2009

capsicum&bacon tomato ketchup pasta/ ナポリタンrecipe

Today's lunch Y Red, Green capsicum & bacon pasta

I woke up late this morning!! (as usual)

I somehow made it for the lecture in time though,

I forgot to bring my pen.....!!!

I asked a person sitting behind me if he has an extra pen, but he was using a laptop to take notes, so he didn't have any : (

So today, I concentrated hard on listening to the lecture, rather than taking notes.

It worked actually!

It's because..sometimes, I concentrate too much on writing down things and am not paying enough attention on the lecture itself.

So, that was good ! :)

Ketchup pasta recipe serves 2


*red capsicum 1/2

*green capsicum 1/2

*bacon 4 slices

*tomato ketchup 2-3 table spoon

*pasta 200g

*garlic tea spoon1


1. boil the pasta. chop the capsicums and bacon into small pieces.

2. heat up a pan with some oil and the garlic. cook the capsicums and the beacon.

3. add the cooked pasta and tomato ketchup, stir well.

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