Sunday, 30 August 2009

Curry Udon lunch

I have an assignment due on friday.
So I was working on it today.

Meanwhile, I watched a Japanese DVD "Orange days" :)
It is quite an old TV drama... I watched it on TV about 6 years ago?
I was still in Japan at that time.

I only have few Japanese DVDs here in Melbourne, so I always watch the same DVD over and over again... :p
Orange days is one of them.
I still enjoy watching it, even though I watched it so many times before...

I also cleaned my house with my housemate.
It is our routine to clean the house once a week.
I hate cleaning though, it is a good routine to have!

Today's lunch

Curry Udon

When I cook curry, I eat it with rice for dinner, bread for breakfast and Udon for lunch :)

Curry goes well with everything.

I often survive by just eating curry during the very busy weeks of uni.

*dry curry

1. cook Udon.
2. add some boiling water to dry curry. stir well and heat it up.
3. pour the curry on Udon.

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