Wednesday, 13 June 2012

BBQ Pork and Avocado don dinner

Dinner from a night before

BBQ pork and Avocado Don
Corn Milk Soup

Very easy instructions for BBQ pork &Avocado don

serves 1

Ingredients: thinly sliced pork 5-6 slices
thinly sliced onion 1/4
avocado 1/2
sweet mini tomatoes 5-6
Japanese Shio (salt) BBQ sauce (you can get it from daiso)- 3-4 table spoons
Japanese mayonaise- some

Instructions: Stir fry thin sliced pork and onion with Japanese Shio (salt) BBQ Sauce
Place some white rice in a bowl, the stir flied pork&onions and some diced avocado and tomatoes on top!
Eat it with some mayonaise!

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