Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween and Garlic Pork Salad Dinner

October's main events are  my dad's birthday and Halloween!

I went to Breadsociety and they had cute halloween decorations, all made of bread!

I bought this little pumpkin guy pastry called "Trick or Treat".
Banana is stuffed inside of the pastry and the face part is made of pumpkin cream.
On Thursday, we had a small halloween party at work too :)
We all dressed up in costumes which are made of newspapers!- environmentally friendly costumes.
It was all so fun!
And this is what I ate for Friday dinner,

A bed of lettuce, and on top of that, tomatoes, onions, garlic pork, tuna and egg.

I had a huge plate of pasta for lunch, so I decided to eat salad for dinner.
(Well, the salad still looks like a lot, doesn't it. Yes, I know that.)

I ate it with Japanese sesame dressing! YUM.
I know that sesame dressing is high in calories...
Is that why there is no calories mentioned in the bottle of my sesame dressing?
I know my other dressings like pickled plum dressing clearly states it only has 3 calories..

I wonder how high the sesame dressing calories are... :O

I'd rather not find out.


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