Monday, 1 October 2012

Yamaguchi trip day 1

I remember I wrote 2 posts about my family's visit in Singapore few months back...
The first article was called, my family's visit in Singapore
and I worte how happy I was to have my family with me in Singapore 
Then another one was called Family trip in Singapore day1
hmm? What had happened to Day2 and 3 and 4 and 5??
Well,  I ended up only writing about day 1. So there is no Day2, 3,4 or 5 in my blog... yet.
So this time I'm really hoping, and am going to make it till day3, the last day of my Yamaguchi trip!!
So let me start from Day1 first.

I woke up very early in the morning.
Well, more precisely, my mum helped me wake up very early in the morning.
We needed to catch the earliest train.
We had to get to the Haneda ariport to catch the 7am flight to Yamaguchi.
A night before the trip, my brother and I discussed how we were going to spend the next few hours most effectively.
It was already after mid-night and we needed to wake up at 3:30am.
Shall we stay awake for the next few hours reading comic books or watching the lord of the rings?
Well, I dont have a good experience staying up the whole night.
Last time when I was in Australia and trying to catch 6am flight back to Tokyo, I tried to stay awake till the morning and I almost made it. But I ended up falling asleep like 30 mins before the time I was supposed to leave the house. And yes, I had almost missed my flight.
So based on my own experience, my brother and I decided to sleep, for about 3 hours.
Just like s usual plane ride, it took a long time to get to the airplane.
Check in your bags, go through security, walk to the gate, wait for the gate to open, go in to the plane, find your seat, sit down, wear your seat belt, wait for the airplane takes off....
I hadn't taken domestic flight since high school, but hey, the ride itself was super short!
By the time the seat belt sign was off, we were already flying above Shizuoka or Kyoto even!
(well, that was what my brother said)
Ok, the introduction became way too long.
So finally we landed at the Yamaguchi airport.
Rafutei (Okinawan pork dish) looking statue just outside of the airport.

Nice weather!
I missed you mountains!
Singapore has beaches but doesn't have mountains :( 

The reason why we visited Yamaguchi this time was to see my cute young sisiter.

My  sister has been working in one of the small towns in Yamaguchi 
This area is famous for farming but recently it has been seriously afffected by the aging population. The town is still very alive but farming is really a hard work for old people, really.
So she decided to help out the local community.
She works with them to grow beautiful natural products such as very sweet organic tomatoes, water melons, eggplants as well as other delicious veggies which I had never seen before in Tokyo.
 (Everything was so fresh, so very delicious, I had never ever tasted such beautiful and sweet veggies and fruits before in my life)
 She also helps them organise and run lots of traditional and cutulrally unique events!
These events are not only run for the local community but also to attract people from other cities to come and visit the village.

So we rented a car and my sister drove us down to the town she lives!
The town is located somewhat few hours drive from the airport, so we stopped over at some interesting places on our way and she showed us a lot of cool stuff about Yamaguchi.

Our first destination.
We stopped by at somewhat more city like place for lunch.

Organic veggie buffet!!
I am gaining weight, but I couldn't bother.
Delicious, and what is more, very healthy!


  1. is the wooden statue at the airport really meant to be rafutei??

    1. hey Damien,

      I have no idea! haha But don't you think it really looks like Rafutei?
      My brother suggested it first and I totally agreed with him.

    2. hahaha i see, yeah it does look like rafutei!