Thursday, 4 October 2012

Yamaguchi Trip Day2 continues..

Finally, our final destination is,

This area is called Karst landscape.
You might have heard of it in Geography class?
It is a special landscape made by mother nature...
Ok I don't know how to explain so I quoted a line from wikipedia
"Karst topography is a geological formation shaped by the dissolution of layers of soluble bedrock, usually carbonate rock such as limestone or dolomite. "
Do you get it now?
Well you can also check out Akiyoshi dai tourist website here
You can choose Japanese/English/Chinese.

It might be very hard to see from those pictures, but can you see grey dots on the mountains?
Those are the karst rocks.

There are small, but many.
After stopping the car right outside of the Karst landscape and enjoying the fresh air,
we became really hungry.
So we drove further down and stopped over at this small shop where we could have lunch while over seeing the Karst landscape even closer.
First thing we saw at the shop was ICE CREAM!!
We had to buy one- even though it was right before lunch.

Here, they didn't sell Tomato soft cream,
but summer orange soft cream and pear soft cream!
We bought one of each and shared.

This one is the summer orange soft cream!
This was really amazing!
You must try this.
You won't regret it!

"Welcome to the observatory house"

Can you see a green lable on the guy in the middle?
There are 3 guys made of alminium cans and the one in the middle.
Welcome is called "kan gei" in Japanese.
The word Kan gei is usually written like this 歓迎
But here, they wrote 缶迎 instead.
Both sounds the same but 缶 has a different meaning from 歓
缶 actually means alminium can.
The object was made of cans, so they put 缶 instead of 歓
.. YES, funny?
I loved the way they played jokes around this. 

I felt very welcomed.

Next to the can guys, there was this green headed guy.
This is a charactor to represent and promoteYamaguchi.
His name is Choruru.
His name comes from Yamaguchi direct.
In Yamaguchi direct, people end each sentense with "Choru"
and that is how he has got this name "Choruru".
The owner of the observatory house explained this to us :)
His head looks like mountains.

Now, time for lunch!
(In case you have forgotten, this is a food blog by the way)
My brother ordered Niku Udon (Udon with meat)

Katsu curry for my sis
Kitsune Udon for my mum
(Udon with very smooth fried bean curd cooked in sweet Japanese sauce)
Katsu don for myself!
Katsu don has been my favourite food since I was small..
So I was fat in kindergarten.

 When I found Katsu don in the menu, I couldn't resisit ordering it.
My sis couldn't resisit ordering katsu curry either.
But can you see that my mum and bro, the smart ones ordered Udon?
We knew that we were having a BBQ  for dinner so they regulated the food intake for lunch.
Well, later at dinner, I coudn't eat as much as they did
and I regreted my decision at lunch for a second,,,, 
but NO. Katsu don was great
and I am happy and proud that I ordered it without hesitation! haha
Hmm my dad couldn't join us for Yamaguchi trip this time
 cos he couldn't take leave from work :(
I wish he was there too.
I wonder what my dad would have ordered at lunch.
Well, we brought him back a lot of funny stories and photos and souveniers to share :)

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