Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Yamaguchi trip day1 continues...

After stuffing ourselves with delicious organic veggie buffet,
we drove further more and finally reached the town my sister lives.
The picture below is the scenery just behind "Michi No Eki" = Road station.
Road station is a station for a small train which runs along the road once a day.
If I remember correctly, it runs only on weekends.
I visited Yamaguchi on weekdays so I didn't get to see the train,
but I could see a cute train rail along the road.
I love the conbination of mountains and rivers!!
This scenery reminds me of my childhood memories.
My grandparents used to live in an area with a beautiful scenery like this.

It is simply relaxing to just sit there and observe water drifting slowly down the river.

Inside of the road station, there was a small exhibition of a famous chainsaw artist.
He is a well-known artist who craves trees with a chainsaw
to makes those very detailed animal shaved statues.
He participated in some contests in the US and won the first prize!

An well known animal carved by a well known artist
... Chopper from One Piece!
After spending some time in the road station, my sister took us to the nearest supermarket, which is actually another drive down to another town.
We bought some ingredients for dinner and breakfast for the next day.
Then we saw a shop selling tomato soft cream.
We were still very full from the buffet lunch earlier, but thought that we must try this!
Well, you know, it is the Tomato soft cream!
Have you seen or tasted such thing before?!
So, it looks like this.

Quite cute, don't you think?
This town is famous for tomato farms and that is why they were selling tomato soft cream.

The red part is made of tomatoes and the white part is vanilla ice cream!
You wonder how it tastes like?
Well, you must try it yourself!
At night,  we saw a praying mantis in my sister's place!
I love praying mantis because they look cool.
But one thing I learnt from experience is that you should never put him/her on your hand.
 It will climb up till your shoulder and you will get rushes on the next day.

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