Monday, 1 October 2012

Today's dinner- back in Singapore

Today's dinner
*Tomato stew with broccolies, carrots, pumpkins and pork
*Radish and Tuna salad with Pickled plum dressing
*Okura (lady's finger) and tuna salad with Mentaiko mayonaise (from Yamaguchi!)
 I was back in Japan for holiday for 2 weeks!
I caught up with my friends, attended my friend's wedding, and also visited Yamaguchi prefecture for the first time.
I am going to talk about my trip in Japan later, but this is what I ate after I came back to Singapore.
I felt like eating lots of veggies because I ate lots of delicious veggies back in Japan.
I am in love with veggies now.
I can't forget the delicate taste of very fresh organic veggies in Yamaguchi.. that is something I can't eat here in Singapore... But still today's dinner was yummy! and I am happy about it.

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  1. Is that wooden thing outside the airport meant to be a piece of pork?? that is interesting!