Sunday, 21 October 2012

Highly Recommended Japanese Movies!

I watched 2 Japanese movies over the weekend.

One is called Bokuno Hatsukoi Wo Kimini Sasagu/ 僕の初恋を君に捧ぐ
This movie was really good! It made me think a lot about life, love and family and life again!

I cried a lot and then couldn't sleep after that!!!!
It is highly recommended - I instantly had to email my brother and asked him to watch!
Has anyone seen this movie yet?? I just want to share this feelings with someone!

I am so tempted to watch this again!! Tonight!!!
Ah but tomorrow is monday. Better sleep maybe not.
(My habit is to watch the same movies over and over again once I like it so much).

Very Sad, yet very sweet.
I loooove this movie!

The other one I watched today is called Tsurega Utsu Ni Narimashite/ツレがうつになりまして
I have been wanting to watch this movie ever since its ad came out!!
But at that time I couldn't watch it cos I was not in Japan when the movie actually came out!

Today I finally got to watch it! :)
I cried again for this movie, but this time, it was more like happy tears.
And and I loooved the lizard in the show!! So cute!!
I wanna keep one at home too!!!!!

I cried sooooo much over the weekend watching good movies that I am feeling really tired now. haha
Tomorrow is monday! Better sleep early and get good sleep!

Happy weekend :)
また一週間 がんばろー


  1. Thank you for sharing ! I lovelove Japanese movies :)

    1. No worries! :) I hope you like those movies too!