Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saba no Miso Ni dinner

Today's Dinner
I am half way through the Yamaguchi trip posts, yes I know that,
but here is my Today's dinner. 

Saba no Miso ni with lots of ginger

Spinach rolled egg

 Seaweed and tomato salad with pickled plum dressing

Spinach egg before slicing

I went to Meidi-Ya, a Japanese supermarket in Singapore, today.
I hadn't been there for a while cos it is kinda far from where I live.
Whenever I go there, I buy a lot of things and end up carrying heavy stuff back home.
And it is really tiring when I have to walk to the station for 15 mins and take train, change lines, then walk for another 10 mins to the super market.
But today, I realized that there is a direct bus from my place to right outside of the supermarket!
It still took a while and was tiring, but it was great that I didn't have to carry heavy groceries and walk for more than 30 mins under really hot sun!
Today I bought fresh saba.
We can get frozen saba from local supermarkets
but I realized that they are very smelly and not tasty at all.
So Today I bought fresh ones from Meidi-ya and made Saba no Miso ni today.
I also bought veggies, okara, Japanese fish balls, chicken, etc...
I was so happy to see fresh veggies sold in small potions!
But then after I got home,,, I realized that asparagus I just bought from Meidi-ya today was


I had just claimed that veggies in Meidi-ya were fresh
and straight after that, I found out that it was not quite true...
How upsetting!
After travelling a long distance and purchasing a lot of things...
what I've got was mouldy asparagus...
I am not happy at all, Meidi-ya...!!!   :(
Oh well... Saba was fresh,
So I made a very tasty Saba no Miso ni.
Ssaba no Miso ni recipe
Ingredients: FRESH saba 2 pieces
Mirin 3 table spoons
Soya sauce 1 table spoon
Miso 3 table spoons
Water 1 cup
Ginger 1/4 cup (after slicing it thinly)
*Preparation1: Cut a cross on Saba so that Saba absorbs the sauce later
2: Boil the saba lightly and get rid of the water.
(*just to note that "water 1 cup" listed under the ingredients above is not for this preparation but for the sauce we cook later on.)
1. Place all the ingredience in a pan except for miso.
(When you place the saba  in a pan, make sure its skin is up).
2. Once the sauce started to boil, add miso in.
3 Place an alminium foil as Otoshi buta.
(Otoshi buta=dropped lid, is a lid which directly covers the ingredients placed inside of a pan or pod.
You can google search its pictures)
Cook till the saba absorbs most of the miso sauce.

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