Sunday, 14 October 2012

Yamaguchi Trip Day3 Last day

Last day in Yamaguchi :(
Just like yesterday, when I woke up, there was already delicious breakfast ready on the table.
Thank you, sinster :)

 Today's breakfast was Japanese style!
Okura & fried beancurd miso soup was super delicious!
I had Soumen Uri for the first time.
Soumen uri is a vegetable, which falls in the same category as cucumbers.
But when you boil it, it falls a part and becomes like soumen noodles!
It was very interesting and delicious at the same time!

We also had egg plant & garlic pickles!
We got this from the very kind house owner yesterday.

Rice was Shin mai = freshly harvested rice.
So it was so soft, sweet and round and shiny like pearls.
It was simply delicious!

After breakfast, we packed our stuff and head to the airport.
We had to return the car at the airport by 4pm.
and it takes more than 2 hours to get there from the house
so we didn't have much time left for sightseeing on the last day.
 Yet, we stopped by at Public Onsen on our way!
It was not as big and fancy as the one we went on the first day,
but I felt so great to take a hot bath!
After Onsen, my sister took us to "Go jyuu no tou" = 5 story tower.
 I've seen 5 story tower like this in Nara before,
but didn't know that there were so many of this all over Japan.
Uguisu bari no Ishi datami

The floor just next to this sign board has special effect.
It is called Uguisu bari /Nightingale floor.
If you walk, jump, clap your hands on this floor, bird like sound echoes back to you.
I have read about this in one of my favourite books called
Tales Of The Otori
So I was so excited to experience the floor.

The book is highly recommended by the way.


Finally at the airport, we had delicious food again!

Deep fried Fugu!
I ate fugu for the first time.
It was very tasty!
Breakfast+Lunch is called Brunch.
Lunch + Dinner is...??
It was late lunch/early dinner for us.

My mum had Tenpura don + Udon set


My sister had some stewed fish and sashimi set

My brother and I had Kaisen don!
Sashimi Sashimi!

I tried Uni for the first time, but didn't really like it.
Thank you so much, my sister, for showing us around!
Thank you Yamaguchi for the beautiful scenery and food!
Thank you Yamaguchi people for your hospitality!  
My family and I had a great holiday :)
- The end of my Yamaguchi travel posts-

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