Saturday, 13 October 2012

Yamaguchi trip day 2 final Akiyoshi dou

After lunch, we went to Akiyoshi dai's famous cave (a type of Sho nyu dou), called Akiyoshi dou.

It is hard to see, but the cave was huge!
There were many people visiting the cave but it was not crowded at all!

The white statue looking thing in the middle of the photo is buddha.
It looks like statue of a woman praying.
It is amazin that this human looking statue was also made by mother nature.

This rock is called "Jellyfish going up the water"
The rocks do look like jellyfish don't you think?

This is a huge long hall in the cave.
It is called "dragon's hole/exsit".
It did look like a huge dragon could go through the hole.

Walking down the stairs

Looking back the way we walked past.. lots of stairs.

The sharp things on the roof is called "umbrellas".
It looked like there were lots of umbrellas hanging from the roof.

This long rather thin rock pole is called "Daikoku bashira"
which means the most important, core part of something.
I don't think this pole is holding the rest of the cave,
but it does look like the main wood pole we use to build our house!
Daikoku bashira also means "breadwinner" in the family.

This part of the cave is called 100 plates.

After the cave, we walked back to the car park and my sister drove us back to her house.

After staying underground for a while,
outside light was too bright on my eyes!

We walked pass this old restaurant..
the sign board says Wakabaen branch...
Which means ... there is another of this kind somewhere in Yamaguchi?
It was closed today but not sure if it's just today..

On our way back, we stopped by at Hagi.
There were statues of famous people in the history.

Hagi souvenir shop!

I bought Yuzu Ponzu (the soya sauce looking yellow bottle on top)
and Natsu mikan wakame (the bottom left) from Hagi!

Yuzu ponzu is like vinegery soya sauce with Yuzu flavour.
Natsu mikan wakame is mixture of dried summer oranges and seaweed

I bought the rest (lotus roots ramen noodles & mentai mayonaise)
from the Yamaguchi airport on the last day.

This is a post box which Hagi people built long long time ago.
They have preserved it very well and they still use it today.

 After buying all the facinating souvenirs at Hagi, we head back to my sister's place.

My sis is renting a house in Yamaguchi
and the owner of the house invited us to their house for a delicious BBQ!

It was a long but full of fun, nice people, beautiful nature and delicious food day! :)


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