Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Yamaguchi Trip Day2

Next morning
I woke up with beautiful yet very loud orchestra music from my sis's music player
and  fresh air with beautiful scenery,

And very special  breakfast my sister made for us!!!

While we were still asleep, my sister woke up early and made such beautiful breakfast for us!
I was so touched!!!
*Potato salad with smoked salmon
*English muffin with egg, pork, nicely grilled, very fresh and sweet local veggies and
special tomato sauce again made out of delicious local tomatoes!

The sauce was very delicious, simply beautiful.
The sweetness and sourness of the tomatoes.. ah it was perfect!

Thank you very much sis!!!
I LOVE YOU and LOVE your food!!!!!
After the beautiful breakfast, we went out.
I am sure my sis was tired, but she drove us to a famous cave in Yamaguchi.
I think it was another 2+ hour drive.
...Only if I could convert my Australian license to Japanese one...
Our first stop on our way was...
Happiness Fukue restaurant
Well, we didn't eat here.
We just stopped over to see souveniers and to use a bathroom.

There was a huge stage next to the Happniess Fukue
and so my sister and I danced on the stage for a while.
It was a bit of fun. 
But then, there were only 2 cars parked just across the stage
and no one but only my family was watching us dance.
Such ashame.
I needed a bigger audience.

After that, we drove further up or down I don't know, but  towards Hagi.

Hey a house!
house, house, more houses!

 It is not really a "city" if you compare this with Tokyo,
but this is very much like a city if you compare it with the town where my sis lives now!
We got excited to see so many houses in one place!
Then we accidentally drove into a free way.
Our car navigator was confusing us!
We were going crazy when we realised that it was a wrong way
and what is more, it was a free way! 
We also missed the first exit and had to continue a while more
untill we managed to find a way out.
It was so funny!
But then, we got to see such a breautiful sea in Yamaguchi, all because we took a wrong way.
It was not part of our plan, but such accident just makes our trip more special and memorable.
So it was all good at the end.

The trip continues...

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