Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Easy and tasty vegetable soup recipe

Haven't eaten many veggies lately

Why don't you try cooking some easy and tasty vegetable soup


  • Sausages 4 ( the more sausages you put, the tastier the soup becomes)

  • Bacons 2 pieces

  • carrot1

  • onion1

  • Water 6-10 cups

  • Buiyon (Japanese soup stock for western dishes)

  • Salts and paper (some)


  1. Cut the sausages, bacons and veggies into eatable sizes.

  2. Heat up a pot with some oil, stir fry everything.

  3. Pour the water into the pot and cook with strong fire till the water boils

  4. Add Buiyon and cook for 10 mins or so till veggies become soft.

  5. Take out scum if you see any. Sprinkle salts and paper to finish off.

Longer you cook, tastier it becomes

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