Friday, 11 March 2011

Earth quake/地震

I heard the news about Japan's earth quake from my friend on the phone.
She is Japanese and lives in Australia just like me.
She was calling every Japanese friend to find out about the earth quake.
I started panicking.
She asked me if I was at home and able to access the news online.
Unfortunately, I was out in city.

After hanging up the phone, I tried calling my family but couldn't reach them.
I was really scared and upset.

So I decided to call another Japanese friend.
I asked her if she was home, and she was!
I asked her to check the online news for me.

When I first heard the story, I thought that the earth quake happend right in Tokyo.
However, eventually I found out that it actually happend in northern part of Japan.

I quickly rushed home and checked my email.
My mom had actually sent me an email !
She said everybody was safe.

...I was so relieved.

2 of my friends (one in Australia, the other one in Tawain!) smsed me and called me to see if my family was alright.
I was so touched.

I was really happy that they concerned about my family.
Thank you, I love you both!!





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